Previously from Diaper Fetish Lover Exposed (Part I)

…the most deliciously wicked smile starts to slowly grow over my face! Oh, I am going to have fun with this!!! That diaper fetish lover won’t know what hit him!!

The story continues…

At lunchtime, I watched my diaper fetish lover return from work and look all over the porch. Obviously, he thought the package would be there sitting on the steps waiting for him. At that point, I gathered a few needed items in my bag (or was it a diaper bag now?), grabbed the box, and headed over to his house.

He looked more than just a little anxious when he saw me approach him with his package in hand. He tried to cover up the growing panic seated firmly in his gut by offering to relieve me of the burden, portraying it as a chivalrous act.  I just ignored his efforts, pushing past him, and asking where he wanted me to place it. I could see the anxiety rise in him, but he was still keeping it together at this point.

As I placed the package that held his secret diaper fetish on the coffee table, I turn to him and told him that unfortunately the box was damaged. Naturally, I had to check the contents to see if anything was broken.  His eyes jump from the box to me and back to the box again.  I swear I could hear his heart drop and hit the floor as it raced to triple time.

The Magnitude of the situation was beginning to take root within my diaper fetish lover’s thoughts

I saw the questions racing through his mind – How could he have not noticed the chewed-up corner? The fact that the top had indeed been opened?  And why didn’t the fed-ex guy just leave it at the door?  He was actually starting to fume at the circumstances that had left him vulnerable and open to discovery.  How was he going to talk his way out of this?  And then the realization sinks in – I knew his little secret.

My little diaper fetish lover tried a feeble attempt to talk his way out of this nightmare come to life, to dismiss his purchase with one excuse or another, but he could see that I was not buying it for one moment.  The wide grin on my face told him as much.  I told him to stop trying to deny it – I knew the adult diapers were his.  But the question that I put to him was this: “Who else knows what you do behind closed doors?”

His face turned beet red as a soft “no one” stammered past his lips.

“…until now…” I giggled softly.

Oh yes… I was going be having so much fun with this Diaper Fetish Lover…


…to be continued…


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