Helping Out a Neighbor Turned into The Discovery of a Diaper Fetish Lover

It never occurred to me that I would find myself a secret diaper fetish lover… and the delicious fun that would sprout from my discovery.  But then again, one never knows what life will through your way – it all started out so innocently…

It was mid-morning when my doorbell rang. It was the Fed-Ex delivery guy. He had a package for my neighbor, who also is the boyfriend of my bestie, Becky. But since no one was there, and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving it on the doorstep.

He asked if I wouldn’t mind holding it for you until you get home. He gave me those sad little puppy dog eyes – how was I to refuse? Besides, he had a killer bod and a smile that promised such sinful delights. I swapped the package for my number and a promise of a date for Saturday night.  I’m such a helpful neighbor, hehehe.

With all my attention on the beefy Fed-Ex guy, I didn’t notice that the box was damaged. Again, being the helpful neighbor that I am, I had to check the contents inside to make sure nothing was broken or damaged.  Imagine my surprise when I find an entire box full of adult diapers!

Becky never once said anything about her boyfriend wearing diapers, let alone liking them or playing in them or him being any sort of diaper fetish lover. And let me tell you, she tells me EVERYTHING the two of them do (and I mean everything!).  I’m thinking Becky has no idea. That somehow, he’s been able to hide away his little obsession from her eyes.  Yes indeed, he had been successful in keeping his secret safely tucked away – up until today that is.

Oh, the fun I was going to have with my unexpected diaper fetish lover discovery!

Such ideas started to swirl through my mind… and the plan that soon followed. He obviously wanted to keep his little diaper fetish obscured. Yes indeed, I can use that little nugget for a bit of naughty fun, hehe. And I thought today was going to be a boring day!

If someone was standing next to me at this very moment, I do believe they would be able to actually hear the wheels whirling inside my head, as the most deliciously wicked smile starts to slowly grow over my face! Oh, I am going to have fun with this!!! That diaper fetish lover won’t know what hit him!!


…to be continued…


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