Previously from Diaper Fetish Lover Exposed (Part 2)

…the question that I put to my diaper fetish lover was this: “Who else knows what you do behind closed doors?”

His face turned beet red as a soft “no one” stammered past his lips.

“…until now…” I giggled softly.

Oh yes… I was going be having so much fun with this Diaper Fetish Lover…

…the story continues…

“So, I take it you don’t want anyone to know about your little diaper fetish then?”

He looked like he was seesawing from contemplating murderous fantasies to a full out wimped-out breakdown in which he fell to his knees and begged me to not tell anyone. As much as I liked seeing him squirm like a worm on a fish hook, I figured I better give his anxiety a little relief.

I motioned to the couch, and he walked stiffly to take a seat there. I sat next to him, smiling warmly at him, easing the panic attack that was brewing.

“There there dear, there’s no reason for anyone else to know of your little diaper fetish obsession. We all have little idiosyncrasies that we prefer to keep out of the public eye. Especially from those who know us and are close to us. I’m sure we can come to a mutually satisfactory agreement. One that serves both our needs, as it were.”

He looked at me with raised eyebrows, the trepidation clearly visible within his eyes. “Mutually satisfactory agreement?” he parroted back to me.

I slow but a wicked smile grew across my face. “Oh yes, an agreement that will allow you to spend as much time in your adult diapers as you desire, as well as letting me enjoy that time as well.”

I could see that with that statement I had piqued the curiosity of my diaper fetish lover.

I then pulled my bag, A.K.A. diaper bag, closer to me, and as I paused for a moment, I thought that I’d let him discover the contents within for himself, and pushed it to him saying, “Well, why don’t you look for yourself?”

My diaper lover slowly took the bag from me and peered inside. I heard his breath hitch, saw his eyes grow large, and watched as his disbelief spread across his face.

“You can’t be serious??”

“Oh, but I can,” I replied with such glee. “From now on, I will be present for your extracurricular activities. I will diaper you and have you as not just my diapered adult baby, but I will have you as my diapered slave. You will do exactly as I say when I say, and how I say it. If not, I will make sure that not only my best friend – your girlfriend, finds out about your little diaper fetish, but your co-workers, your family, and anyone else I can think of. And yes, we will be making use of that strap on that I know you keep eyeing.”

He knew I was completely serious. I could see the wheels turning in his head. Trying to figure a way out of his little dilemma.

Then I saw it – the moment when my diaper fetish lover became resigned to his fate

 “Good boy. Now follow me up the stairs… on your hands and knees. I think we’ll start with the diaper and work our way up to the strap on.”

My diaper fetish lover dropped his chin to his chest, and slowly got to his hands and knees. preparing to crawl at my heel like the adult baby I that I knew him to be, but tried to hide from everyone.

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