Ultimate Punishment For A Sissy With A Diaper Fetish!

I love a sweet sissy with a diaper fetish.  I’ve heard many fetish phone sex kinks during my time as an operator at phone sex kingdom.  Believe it or not, I’ve had a number of interesting jobs growing up.  I was tasked to be a substitute instructor for an adult night class.  I knew I’d be in for some interesting times as these students were adults.  This latest job would last for about a month as the regular instructor was on maternity leave.

The first night of class I took roll call.  One student was named Frank.  He had a very boyish clean face.  He was a challenge from the onset.  And he would always interrupt class to ask unrelated questions or look off into the distance.  I saw his eyes often drift to my legs or the skirts that I wore to class.  This kind of creeped me out.  I couldn’t wait for this job to be over.  Frank’s homework was always late or not turned in.  I was starting to piece this is why he did not graduate school.

A little way into the class I would find packages or letters on my desk.  I just knew it was Frank.  This had to stop!  One particular day when Frank was being very disruptive, I called him to the front of the room.  He shuffled to the front of the class.  He started to talk immediately stating how pretty I looked tonight.  I flushed but tried to regain my composure.  Somewhere, a student snickered.  I told Frank his misconduct would be dealt with in a prompt manner.  Frank started to whimper.

I explained to him as a professor, I expect a certain standard of work and conduct.

Frank shuffled to the front of the room.  Frank crossed his arms in front of him and wanted to know what I was going to do.  I told Frank to bend over my desk at once to administer his spanking.  He looked surprised.  I ordered him to do this at once.  He bent over the desk with his legs slightly spread.  I yanked down Frank’s pants.  I breathed in gaping at Frank’s white and pink diaper.  Frank was blushing.  The class started giggling.  I tried to compose myself.  Frank admitted he had a diaper fetish.  I asked him why.  He told me he liked the way it made him feel warm and comforted like he felt when he was a young boy.

The class was openly laughing.  I came up behind Frank and looked him up and down.  I sat on the desk and bent Frank over my knee.  Smack, Smack Smack!!!  My hand made contact with his diaper.  Frank started to sniffle and kick his feet indignantly.  I ordered Frank to stand before the class.  Frank’s pink diaper crinkled as he stood straight.   I told Frank since he liked being in his diaper and treated like a young boy that he would show us where young boys go wee wee.  Frank protested and tried to shuffle back to his desk.  I promptly stomped my heel.  I insisted that Frank show the class at once where you go wee wee.

Tears ran down Frank’s face as he went wee wee in his diaper before the class.  The class was hysterical laughing and pointing.

Frank’s punishment was to stand in front of the class for the rest of the night.  This was not the end of Frank’s antics and experience with the diaper fetish.  I would love to share all the sexy details on the phone.

Naughty boys always get put into their place.  Ready for your very own fetish phone sex?

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