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So you wake up in your cozy bed, to warm kisses on your neck. Imagine those kisses, as hands rub your back. Feel my fingers run up and down your spine. I’m kissing up and down your neck, from your cheek to your nipples. I want to make them hard, as I run my hands over your hips. Next, I begin gripping your ass hard and kissing your lips a little more forcefully. Biting down on your bottom lip just enough to grab your attention. My hands grip the back of your neck, as our French kiss gets deeper and deeper. Then, you feel my hard cock throbbing and I know you want it. Next, I touch your hot wet pussy! Hmm, I want it! Your hot juicy box needs to be fucked and it needs to be fucked hard.

My cock starts to enter you, as you moan loudly.

Our bodies held down in the missionary position, so you can watch my cock enter and exit you. Hot pussy juices leak all over us. Finally, I stroke deep inside your tight snatch. I grip your nipples in my lips and place your legs on my shoulders. Making you take every inch of my cock. You’re a dirty little slut, who wants to be filled up with hot cum. I pump you full, until I empty all my hot load in you. Hmm, fuck yes! I keep stroking and stretching that pussy, as I feel it pulse.

   As I kiss and lick my way down your body. I began flicking my tongue and swirling around those nipples. I tie you lightly, with some rope so you can’t hide or resist cumming. Then, I lick your hot pussy making you cum all over my tongue. Fuck yes! I love your taste in my mouth when I kiss you again after eating you. Ohh, baby! Then, I bend you over, I pump my shaft in you. This time we’re fucking doggy style. I’m keeping you tied up, as I spank that hot ass. I pump inside of you harder and faster. You can feel my full balls slap against you.

You can feel me twitch, as ropes of cum pool inside of you.

I pull your hair shooting hot jets of cum into your tight wet pussy. Hmmm yes! Finally, I untie you, pulling you on top to keep kissing you. I kiss you deeply as I look into your eyes and then….well you’re going to have to call to find out how this story ends! Do you want more of these dirty sex stories? Cum checks them out, or write me one yourself. I will gladly post one of your detailed sex stories, then phone rocks your world!

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