Detailed Sex Stories: Her uncontrollable hunger for her boss’ dick!

I have some detailed sex stories from my visit from my boss last week. First I picked him up from the airport and I wore a tiny gray dress with no panties underneath, he slid his hands between my thighs while I drove us to our first account and began fingering me so hard my pussy walls were quivering. I could barely stay straight on the road. We got to the first account and I opened the trunk of my SUV to start grabbing kegs, but, instead, he pulled his zipper down and lifted my dress up and bent me over the kegs in the back fucking me in the corner of a parking lot.

I knew from that moment it would be 5 days of infinite intercourse. I had been really hard on him in the months we went without seeing one another, so I knew I was in for some serious spankings and being choked harder than usual.

Later that evening in the kitchen, he fingered me so indescribably, and I felt my cum literally dripping down my thighs and onto my feet. We moved to the bedroom where he licked my dripping thighs and saturated pussy, getting it all over his beard. He lifted himself up and began to tease my clit with his perfect mushroom head, slowly pressing and thrusting himself inside of my pulsing tight pussy walls. It felt like my entire body was vibrating as he filled my pussy with his rock solid cock for the first time in what seemed like forever. Time was completely suspended while we worshiped each other’s bodies. You can imagine how sore I was just after night one.

I really needed this sex therapy and my greedy little pussy couldn’t stop.

We had events out of town and many hotel nights, one night after getting back to the hotel, I went out to the patio looking out over the city naked, put my hands on the railing and turned around asking him to come outside. He stepped out onto the porch, grasped my hips, and gently spread open my pussy with his hard on giving me the most irresistible sex I have ever had. We woke up the next day and found cum on the walls of the hotel room…


Detailed Sex Stories with one of our Phone Sex Girls.

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