Detailed Sex Stories Or Was It A Dream?

I usually don’t remember my dreams, but I thought I would share some of my detailed sex stories musings with you.  I came into town to visit my parents.  It was a nice little get away to stay in their lush house.  When I would visit my parents, they always let me have my room that I stayed in as a child.  The familiar room was comforting and brought back many fond memories.

One night I had plans to get together with my girlfriend Gail.  I had not seen Gail, since the early days of college.  I dressed for the evening as she said we may go out for dinner.  Tonight I picked a black strapless dress, open toed heels, and black panty and bra set.  The black dress was one of my favorites and wearing it made me feel sexy.

Once seated in Gail’s living room everything seems like a strange haze.

She fed me some sparkling champagne.  It tasted light and fruity and made me feel very happy.  She offered me some light pastries that she had baked that very day.  The conversation was carefree and easy.  We laughed, shared, and reminisced.  I felt very light happy.

We headed to dinner.  I sure don’t remember too much of the evening.  We were joined by several men all of whom I didn’t even know.  Eventually, we decided to hang after dinner.  We partied the night away and I ate way too many pastries.  One guy came up behind me and I giggled as I shook my ass at him.  He liked what he saw and pulled up my pretty black dress.  I felt his tongue start licking my asshole.  I moaned and spread my legs to accommodate his wet tongue in my anus.

A guy came in front of me and I took his cock out to taste.  I lit up a special rare smoke that was offered by a friend.  It made me feel very giddy and happy.  I blew the puff on the man’s cock before taking it deep down my throat.  Tongue in my ass was replaced by a big dick as I got pumped full of big beefy sausage.  I felt like I was in a sausage fest with all I wanted to eat and still wanted more.  Tonight, I  felt like a party slut and was ready to serve and be served.

The Next Morning!

Daylight streaked in my room as i groggily woke up in my own bed.  My eyes were tired and I felt like I had consumed too much beverage.  My mind drifted to the night before.  It must of surely been a dream right?  After all I was in my own bed.  That was it!  I was so tired from the previous night I probably came home, undressed, and tucked myself in bed.  When my mind went to the activities of my sexy dream my pussy became wet.  Reaching down to touch my pussy I found it to be tender.

What the heck had I done last night?  What a fantastic detailed sex stories dream it was!  I tore back the sheets to get out of bed and start my day.  On my sheets were dried and moist patches of white cum all over my sheets.  My thighs bore the evidence of stained passion.  Shaking my head I got out of bed to start another crazy day!

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