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One of my favorite places to fuck is in a car. The thrill of almost getting caught naked, how the windows steam up. Any passer by can tell what is going on. It gives me such a thrill. Now, when I fuck in a car I make sure I fully get mine. I used the seats as balance and know how to move my body. Arching my back between the front seats, holding on so I can really ride my fuck toy for the night.

I have this really sexy Latina friend. She is full lesbian. She is so sexy you would never even know she is a carpet muncher. She has tried many times to fuck me. As much as I was dying to. She was the kind of girl that one good fuck and I knew I would become addicted to her. I often masturbated thinking about her naked. Thinking about her big full lips licking my tight little cunt till I would cum all in her mouth.

She loved to take me out to Lesbian clubs with her. It was actually a lot of fun. I never wanted to get off of the dance floor. Sexy women of all shapes and sizes dancing on each other. It almost turned into a lesbian sex fest a few times. But She always did her best to keep my attention. Her cinnamon colored skin up against mine. Feeling her body as it moved. Her hand’s caressing my ass and tits.

This night I could not take it any longer. I was so horny and my pussy was dripping wet. I wanted her bad. We continued to dance and I felt her slip her hand under my skirt as she smirked at me. I put my arms around her shoulders and threw my head back. She took her time, slowly slipping her fingers in and out of my pussy. Then I leaned in and whispered, “Let’s go to your car and get naked.”

The reason I said her car is because I knew she always kept an array of toys in it, everything from strap-ons, double dildos, to clit toys. So she smiled, pulled her fingers out of my pussy, and licked them clean. “Mmm, so sweet.” She said as she sucked every drop of my pussy juice from her fingers.

She lead me out of the club and to her car. She opened the door and motioned for me to get in. I got into the back seat and he followed quickly after. She grabbed me by the back of the head and started to kiss me aggressively, moving her young in and out of my mouth. She felt my body quiver then said, “Mami, this is nothing. Just wait till I usar mi lengua en su coño.”

I looked at her with a little confusion because I do not know Spanish. But she then said, “I will show you Mami.”

She grabbed my panties with her teeth and pulled them off of me. Stuffing them in the pocket behind the seat. “They belong to me now.” She snickered. “And so does this.” She said as she started to move her tongue up and down my pussy. I started to moan and squirm. No one has ever eaten my pussy so good before. I came inside her mouth a few times. Her lips were wet and shiny from all the pussy juice as she came up for a kiss.

I then started to kiss her neck, down to her nipples, giving each one a flick with my tongue. Then I started to lick all the way down her body. She arched her back as I got to her inner thighs. Then I pressed my tongue against her cunt and started to go in circles. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy even deeper. She was moaning and screamed out loudly, “Asi me gusta Mami!! No pares!!! No pares!!!”

Her loud screams much of caught the attention of a Cop passing by, because we herd a knock on the car window and a bright flashlight shining in. We both sat up trying to cover our naked bodies. Then another knock. “Open up this window NOW ladies!” The cop said. So I rolled down the window and it was an older female cop. As she peeked her head into the window and saw me she said, “Regina?” I squinted my eyes to shield from the light of the flashlight.

As soon as my eyes adjusted I said, “Blake?”

“Yes…” She said.

It was my mother’s best friend. She was older about my mother’s age. I just knew she was going to arrest us for public indecency or something. She was always so uptight. But…it took quite a different turn…

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