You deserve every bit of the pain you’re getting during extreme CBT punishment.

My sister told me what you’ve been up to behind her back. I’m glad that she left me in charge of your extreme CBT punishment session. She knows that I have a sadistic side to me and you’re the perfect outlet to take it all out on. Strip down right now. I’m not impressed with that little dick of yours at all. How do you even manage to find any women that let you stick that pathetic excuse for a dick inside of them? You shower them with gifts, don’t you? Only money would ever let a woman overlook such a small size.

Anyone that has told you that size doesn’t matter is full of shit and clearly lying to get something from you. That dick is no longer yours. It belongs fully to my sister as it should have from the very first day. Brace yourself because the first of many extreme CBT punishment sessions at my hand is about to commence. Have you seen an iron maiden before? Do you know what this is for? This is now the new home for your wandering dick. Don’t worry I’ll make sure that it’s put on properly.

Believe me, I have no interest in touching your disgusting tic tac dick, but I’ll instruct you on how to put it on. This metal rod in the middle is to go right into your piss hole. Don’t give me that look, you aren’t here for a reward after all. It isn’t supposed to feel good, this is extreme CBT punishment after all. Those spikes that you see on the inside are there for a very important reason. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t get hard you’ll be just fine.

If you dare to get hard, you’ll be in a world of pain.

This calls for a demonstration I believe. Slide that sounding rod down the inside of your piss hole. Fast or slow, it makes no difference to me, you’ll scream out in pain either way. If you don’t hurry up with it already, I’ll do it. I’m sure you don’t want that! I won’t be nearly as gentle as you’re attempting to. Of course, I have to laugh, you got yourself into this predicament after all. Now that it’s in place put your little dicklet into the center and close it up nice and tight.

Remember, don’t get hard! If you do, it’s not going to be a pleasant feeling at all. Let’s see if you’ve learned your lesson yet. I noticed that you were looking me up and down when you first walked in here. Sit on the sofa and watch me. Don’t take your eyes off of me. That shouldn’t be too difficult considering you can’t ever seem to look away when I’m in the room. Those eyes of yours roam up and down even when my sister is standing right there next to you.

Can you see my tiny thong when I bend over like this? Your eyes are glued to my tight round ass as I slowly bend forward and reach for my toes. That groan leaving your mouth sounds as though you’re definitely soaking in the sight. Things are getting pretty uncomfortable for you aren’t they? As I slowly straighten up and turn around, I lean forward and I can see exactly what’s happening. Your wandering dick hasn’t learned a damn thing yet, has it? Your eyes are staring right down the front of my dress.

No matter the pain, you can’t look away from my D cups, can you?

Those spikes are really starting to dig in, aren’t they? I like to think of the iron maiden as a shock collar for the dick LOL. Pretty appropriate wouldn’t you say? After all, both items correct for poor behavior don’t they? That look of pain during extreme CFNM humiliation is exactly what you deserve but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. You are going to be locked into this and made to endure extreme CBT punishment sessions for as long as necessary. You will learn to control yourself. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you wouldn’t dare to get hard without my sister’s permission. Until that day comes, I’m going to enjoy every last moment of torturing you.

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