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Who doesn’t love Oral Sex Stories? Personally, I go crazy! He loved making her moan. It was such deep satisfaction to feel the power he had over her, to feel how hard her blood pumped when his hand gripped her throat. He lived to make her gasp. Her mind was blank as she moved with his desires. He moved both hands about her waist now, moving her up against the wall. He took both her hands in his and pinned them above her head and he continued to kiss her with a fervor rivaling the gods.

If she still had the sense to think properly she would have thought “never again will I accept anything less than this perfection” alas all she could do was moan and return his kisses with the thirst of a desert traveler. Now using one hand to keep hers pinned; not that she resisted, he slid the other up her right thigh as the garter led him to do. His talented fingers began to glide between her legs.

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Much to his delight, he discovered there were no panties to remove and his fingers found the source of the wetness sliding down her shapely alabaster legs. “Enjoying yourself are we?”, he teased as he circled her clit and she moaned and shook, unable to formulate a response. “Good answer,” he said as he slipped a finger inside and massaged her g-spot. She shuddered sliding slightly down the wall, trying so hard to follow the rules and remain where he wanted her.

He kissed her and continued her inside massage for a minute or two. Now it was time for the next scene. He let her hands go and said: “You think you can tease me and go unpunished…no no…bend over the bed…” She happily obeyed. As soon as her hands hit the mattress, he had the skirt of her dress up and resting comfortably on her back.

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Her round ass tantalizingly exposed, the garter perfectly accentuating her lustrous curves He gave her the first spank. Sharp but strong, mostly using the palm of his hand for force, this caused a deep reverberation inside rather than a sting outside. She cried out again and again. As each spank landed she tightened inside, and more and more her hunger for him grew. He had been hard for some time but he had every intention of making her wait. He liked to make her wait.

“On the bed, get on your hands and knees” he instructed. Again she did as she was told with not a moment’s hesitation. He slid his body underneath her and pulled her soaking wet pussy down to meet his tenacious tongue. Then, he allowed the skirt of her dress to fall about him, like a blanket fort, except decidedly more fun. Finally, he began to devour her, lashing her from clit to cunt. Her moans were anything but muffled.

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Soon enough he reached up and put his dexterous fingers deep inside her tight, wet, pussy. Her back arched with the added intensity his fated fingers brought. On and on he licked, sucked, swirled, and flicked his tongue upon her helpless clit; his fingers tempting her to insanity. He could make her cum quickly, but where’s the fun in that?

Next, he knew precisely how to build her orgasm into a veritable explosion. Then he continued his volley of licks, his fingers nearly stopping her breath as his other hand clamped onto an outer thigh, ensuring she was locked to his handsome face. Sensing she could take no more he quickened his pace, licking her softly but at hyper speed.

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In seconds spasm after spasm rocked her body with overwhelming rapture. She cried out, again and again, reaching new pitches. The highest ones were the hardest to achieve, but he never had any trouble getting them out of her. He held her down until she begged for him to a cease-fire. If you want to know more about this oral sex seduction and how it ended, call me!

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