Adult Sex Stories: When Co-workers Need To Get Kinky-Part II

Adult Sex Stories: When Co-workers Need To Get Kinky-Part II It seemed like the crowd had thinned a bit, with people wandering to the upper balcony for the privacy afforded by watching the dancers without the head of HR at your elbow. I saw Nick then, and he looked fully absorbed in the show. No wonder, even my blood was reaching boiling point as I watched the dancers slowly reveal more of their skin while playing at seduction with each other.

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I imagined myself up on stage, clothed in the same shiny black corset and thigh high stockings. Then wiggling playfully out of a black mini skirt to reveal not-very-much of a thong. And then Nick, pushing that down my hips with his hands. And, all of a sudden, those images evaporated when my cell phone vibrated; another message from Lucas to say his business dinner was as boring as expected.

I silenced my phone and buried it deep in my bag. I tried to focus on the show, but I kept catching glimpses of Rebecca watching the dancers intently, sometimes whispering to a co-worker beside her. Now, it wasn’t a curvy blonde I saw on the stage but her lithe frame and black hair. I imagined sitting center stage with my drink in hand, watching transfixed with lust as Rebecca gave me a private pole dance.

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She’d look at me with that challenging look of amused confidence, then wrap herself around the pole to reveal every part of her body I’d imagined in agonizing detail. As the performers came back out for final bows to thunderous applause and some hoots and hollers, I turned to return to the bar, sitting at the side so I could continue to mull over my fantasy.

It would be so simple; just sit at the side of the bar and have a drink with her, talk about the show and shake our heads, then to brush my hand along her thighs to hold her by her thighs, those gorgeous thighs, and rip off her panties and lick and suck until she cried: “Yes, Nick, fuck me! Fuck me like I’ve thought about you fucking me every day!” “Looks like you sure enjoyed the show, eh Nick?” I said while giving him an exaggerated wink. “It was less of a disaster than I expected, yes.

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You want a drink before they cut off the tab? I feel like company generosity might soon run out unless you think there’ll be an encore?” I said; motioning at the bottles not yet opened behind the bar. “Another time, I just wanted to say goodbye before I took off.” I smiled at Nick, then turned and fished out my phone to text Lucas to be waiting and ready for me at home. Best sex stories are found here!

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