College Girls Are So Naughty & Of Course, I Was No Exception

College girls are so naughty and of course, I was no exception. This all happened right when I moved to MI, from FL. I moved up here to attend CMU and I must say, I had a great time! At the time he was my professor I was 18 and he was in her late 50s. I was never really distracted or anything, I was totally focused on school and career. As time passed by my prof and I became friends on social media (as I had done with a few of my other profs), we’d send selfies here and there, but nothing sexual. Just friendly and most professional.

Fast forward to last semester, the week of my finals and things took a turn for the naughty. By the time I graduated, I was just about 23 and he was well into his 50’s. Not only did I want to graduate on time, but I wanted to graduate with good grades and his class (my capstone class) was standing in my way. Plus by this time, I had come to the realization that he was VERY easy on the eyes. So, I did what I had to do.

Do You Like Naughty College Girls?

It all started one night when we were hanging out. We decided to watch a movie and talk. At first, we were having a pretty chill time catching up and just talking about life, I was scared shitless because I didn’t know if I should make the move or if he was going to. I couldn’t read him at all
really. Anyways, the night progressed very uneventfully and after a few glasses of wine, we both decided that me spending the night was a good idea.

Right before heading upstairs, Professor Vesterfelt turns back and says,”Well you know I only have one bed!”. So I said, “OK!”, he didn’t say anything else, so at first, I assumed I was sleeping on the couch. Then, all of a sudden he says, “Well aren’t you coming to bed with me?” Holy fucking shit, my heart dropped! I didn’t lose a single second, turned off the lights, took my shirt off and ran up the stairs behind him.

College Girls? Yes Please!

Next, we were laying down in the dark talking and at one point I was trying to get the conversation towards being sexual. I told him how he’s a bit intimidating just because he’s older. And the fact that he was my professor too. That’s when there was a moment of silence and I just went for it and kissed him. We slowly start making out! His body is so sexy, he’s as tall and that turns me on so much. My mind was racing, I couldn’t believe i-t, I was in shock. Well, I was intimidated by him still, but I was too fucking horny and wet to let that stop me.

I needed for him to fill my holes and give me an A. That is what I had on my mind. I had been wanting him for the last 4 years on the down low and this was my chance. The morning after was when I woke up STILL wet. Then, I quickly asked him to bury his morning wood deep inside and he did exactly that. I couldn’t believe he was inside me, moaning, I could feel how hard he was inside my wet pussy. We fucked for like 20 minutes and we both came so fucking hard. Finally, I had gotten what I wanted. I had a couple of things to do before class, so I told him that I’d see him later.

College Girls Are The Best!

That was just the very beginning of our sexual life together. We never ended up dating or anything like that, but let’s just say I got my A and graduated with honors. And let’s just say I enjoyed that experienced cock for years after. We got significantly more adventurous and kinky.

I bet you’d like for me to tell you just how naughty we got! Call me and I will let you know how kinky we got…I might even show you pics! If you ask nicely of course! Call me for some authentic adult sex stories.

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