While You Wait for Turkey, Enjoy My Delicious Holiday Story!

Thus begins a gluttonous time of year and the making of a delicious holiday story. My story takes place when I was fresh out of college. My girlfriend Katie and I went to a lingerie shop to buy something sexy. You see, we were both throwing a party with our boyfriends. However, this was no ordinary party. We decided to get together before our pre-holiday dinner and have some sexy shopping fun.

Katie picked out a sexy blue teddy and stockings and I picked out red panties and a matching lacy cammie. We headed into the dressing room to try on our finds. Katie teased me and started kissing me while in the dressing room. Suddenly, Katie slipped under my cammie and gave my pussy a playful lick. I started grinding my pussy in her face and grabbed her head. I was just getting into it but Katie stopped. What a tease!

We went back to the house to get ready for the party and the teasing continued. 

I couldn’t wait for the party as it had been so long since the four of us had been together. Katie suggested we slip into the shower together and we continued playing around. This time, I teased Katie’s pussy until she was ready to scream, then I stopped abruptly. My payback had been justly served. Perhaps we got a bit carried away for too long. When the boys came in, they suspected we were up to something because of the smoke coming from the oven. We screeched realizing dinner was ruined.

Swinging while we waited.

Burned dinner is not a great start to a delicious holiday story. So what did we do? We naturally ordered some pizza. After deciding on our toppings we called and placed our orders. While we waited for our dinner we took turns teasing the boys. It was so hot to see Katie sucking my boyfriend’s cock.

We all have so much fun together! There is very little we will not do together as all of us have a long list of hot fetishes we will engage in. I watched Katie being face fucked by my boyfriend while Katie’s boyfriend was behind me, licking my ass. His tongue felt so good as it rimmed my hole. Her boyfriend was definitely an ass man and had a great tongue.

Then the doorbell rang!

Finally, the food was here. However, we were in quite an awkward situation. We were all almost completely undressed. Oh well! I decided to answer the door in the nude and the delivery guy’s mouth dropped open. I stood speechless, I knew this guy. He was in one of my classes. So awkward!

I looked down and could see his cock was getting hard under his pants. He dropped the pizza in surprise. The box was not closed right and some of the contents fell out of the corner of one of the boxes. So we had a ruined dinner and spilled pizza. The delivery guy apologized profusely.

The evening was just starting!

He offered to make it right and go back for another pizza. However, we had the idea that he would be our new entertainment for the night. We asked him to come in and he hesitantly stepped inside. I took his hand and drew him into the living room. Katie approached us and started to undress him. He started to protest, but not for long.

His hard cock made it apparent that he would not struggle. After unzipping his pants and pulling them down, Katie took a mouth full of his hard cock, savoring the taste. She beckoned me to join her and we shared his cock together.

What a deal for the delivery guy!

We didn’t let this guy get away with anything. Instead, we took advantage of him. First, we had him service all of us, guys included. It was so hot to see him taking cock and pussy and loving it. Next, I rode his face while Katie rode his hard cock.

It was time to sweeten this delicious holiday story and bring out the big toys. Katie fucked the guy’s ass with her strap-on and jacked his dick with her soft hands. Meanwhile, Katie’s boyfriend fucked her tight ass from behind. My boyfriend fucked my tight wet pussy from behind while we watched the delivery guy get the best tip of his life.

That guy got such a hot tip. What is your delicious holiday story?

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