Deep in the woods, on a lake, we are out in a cottage, alone and far away from others. Warm and comfortable, we have a cozy time in front of the fire place. We gaze into each others’ eyes, sexual tension building thick in the dimly lit room. The attraction between us is magnetic. We crave for the perfect fuck in front of the flames of the open fire.

You draw closer to me and I can feel your hot breath in my ear and on my neck. The next moment you are passionately kissing my soft, supple lips and your tongue finds its way to mine and they with each other in our mouths and I suck on the tip of your tongue to give you a preview of what I’ll do to your growing, throbbing cock. Your hand finds its way under my sweater and starts playing with my tits, lightly pinching my nipples, causing them to become taunt between your fingertips. My sweater and your shirt both hit the ground and you begin to suck on my hard nipples before tracing kisses down my stomach. We are laying in front of the fire and you unbutton my pants and pull them off. Your hand glides up my upper thigh and you are stopped by my panties that are damp from excitement. You pull them off and run our fingers along my warm, wet pussy and you crave to taste the juices that are already flowing out of me. You dip your head between my legs and bury your tongue in my soaking wet cunt and after flicking my clit for a bit you push your fingers deep inside my dripping wet pussy and you make my gush all over your lips.

You climb back up my body and plant your lips on mine, making me taste my own cum from your mouth and you quickly jump out of your pants. Your throbbing dick is already hard and you whisper in my ear how you plan on fucking my tight pussy and then finish with my mouth where you turn me into your dirty cum dumpster and make me swallow your big, hot, white load. You spread my pussy lips open and slowly push the tip of your dick into my tight wet pussy until you’re balls deep and then…

Did i make you horny? I bet you want to cum. Are you ready to finish the fantasy with me. I’m waiting to hear your ending.