Have you ever had a deep prostate massage?

I bet you think about it all the time. It doesn’t make you gay just to play with your ass, you know. We can still have lots of fun without another guy in the bedroom. I would love to give you a deep prostate massage right now.

We have so much fun together. You love when I come into your bedroom to seduce you. You are my favorite roommate after all. I love watching your eyes stayed glued to me as soon as I walk into your room. It’s like a giant spotlight all on me.

I don’t mind the spotlight though. It actually turns me on to know that I can do anything and you will be turned on. I know you watch a lot of porn, but you never considered that I would want to give you a deep prostate massage.

When I told you, it completely caught you by surprise.

“But how exactly will we do it”, you ask me, nervously. All I can do is giggle at you. You are so amusing sometimes! I have been thinking of giving you a deep prostate massage for a while now, and I knew you wouldn’t say no to me.

I start getting undressed right in front of you. My strappy pink dress just falls off and onto your floor. All that is left is my silky baby blue lingerie. It just happens to be your favorite color. Which I just happened to pick out today. It’s a lacey romper with a very deep V neck that cuts all the way down to my belly button and is tied with a dark navy bow.

Don’t you love this tied cute bow? You can unwrap it like I’m your favorite Christmas present, and the holidays came earlier this year. I start to move onto your big comfy bed, just sliding right on top of you, and we start kissing. Your lips taste so good on my mine, and it feels so good to start playing with your tongue.

Your rock hard cock is bulging and rubbing against my leg.

I don’t want to ruin all the fun by rushing into your deep prostate massage right away. My body continues to rub up and down on your throbbing hard cock, while I bite your lip lightly. I tease you for longer than you would have ever liked or imagined that I could hold out on you.

Then, I wiggle my body down and my head is right in front of your jean zipper. I bite down on your zipper with my teeth and start pulling it all the way down. Then I help you shimmy out of your jeans and toss them into the corner. You love watching this short blonde hair babe ready to do very naughty things with you.

Your cock springs out like a jack in the box, and it’s already leaking pre-cum. My tongue starts licking on the tip of your cock, and I slide my hand underneath your ass, grabbing firmly. Your cock tastes so good on my tongue, and I start taking it down my throat.

It feels so good when I deepthroat your cock right down my throat.

The more I move my tongue up and down, the more pre-cum leaks down into my mouth. Then I move my thumb closer to your asshole and start to massage it. I don’t enter it right away, I first let you get used to my finger playing with your ass.

Once you get comfortable with that, I lube up my finger really well with your bedside hand lotion and press into your asshole very slowly. I start giving you that deep prostate massage that I promised you. I slide another finger into your ass and start pressing up once I’m deep inside your asshole.

My mouth is still working up and down your cock, and before I realize it your cock starts spasming into my mouth, leaving me with a mouthful of cum. It completely fills my mouth up, and I swallow every last drop of that yummy cum.

Let’s enjoy some amazing hot phone sex together!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke