You can choose to see something you do not have and wish you did in a stranger’s Deep Loving Kiss. The second option is to see the potential of love and how it is accessible to us all. Decide in an instant that you will stop and take it in every time you see a spark of passionate love in the world. The world wonders that we all want to welcome into our lives. Whether we admit it to each other or just ourselves, love is what we want—the desire to be held and looked at deeply in the eyes of another.

Most of you know I affectionately say I lived on the wrong side of the tracks. A little nook in downtown Los Angeles that neighbors multi-million dollar lofts. This stretch of street where sidewalk vendors will offer you bargains and panhandlers will ask for change. It is a bit off-color, but it was home for a long while. There had been times in which I wish for a Deep, Loving Kiss, and a dream of a sky rise apartment. Other days I appreciate the broken brick and the smiles from strangers. It is a gritty romance that I might miss when I have moved on and up.

Today, as I stared out my window from one of the upper floors, I saw something wonderful. I saw a couple take each other closely wrapped in their loving arms begin to dance. Latin music filled my block as it often does, but this couple casually stopped for a moment to appreciate life and love. They danced along the sidewalk as if no one else existed and gave a Deep Loving Kiss, and it was beautiful.

Stop For Love.

I witnessed this love for a few moments and stopped my work to watch as long as I could. Setting my pen down and gazing at what I can only describe as a dream. Stopping for love is a choice like any other. Of course, we can easily shut down moments of our life and regret or covet them. In the same second, we can decide to live among the world’s inspirations and invite a Deep Loving Kiss into our own experience. We can dream of a life where we are swept up in the music of a band we stumble upon. To experience the floating sensation of discovering, there is more than expected right here and now.

Reading a story like this may have begun with a craving for GFE Phone Sex, and in a way, that’s exactly what you have found. A story describing the surprise that even an Edge Play Phone Sex call can turn into something profound and beautiful. I would be remiss not to mention this very thing has happened once; I have encountered the miracle of connection on this phone more than once because I chose it, and so did they. It’s always worth the risk of vulnerability to let someone in. Take time to stop and smell the roses.