Sensual GFE Heat With Brilliance Creates Passion within every cell of your body.

Seduction from a delicious Sensual GFE Heat is a real art form for an artistic sexual creature. I love using my femininity and my sex drive to play because I get what I want. Don’t let your mind wander to the material items of the world. I only use my intellect to achieve those things. Well, I guess I am guilty of batting an eyelash or two in business, but let’s say my brain is sexy enough to gain financial freedom.

What I wanted to express is how much I love working my Sensual GFE Heat curves and running my fingertips up my ribs—bringing them up to the sides of my breasts to my shoulders. I run my fingers through my hair for you to smell and desire much more of me. I want to talk about my ability to seduce you into doing anything I want in and out of the bedroom. Lucky for you, my pretty little bald pussy is just one of your rewards. You will be mesmerized by my power, just you wait.

I will start by showing you just the right amount to skin. You know those little peeks in strategic places that make you want this Sensual GFE Heat so much more. Especially across my lower stomach because you can see my soft flesh and picture licking and cumming on it. I stroke my belly for you a little too, pulling up my shirt, just a touch walking toward you with my eyes locked on yours.

You see how hungry I am for you through my Sensual GFE Heat eyes.

The lust builds within my core once I reach you and press against you. The slow, sexy, slow process of Sensual Seduction had just begun, and teasing is sure to follow. Teasing takes foreplay to the next level. Taking my two fingers and stroking them against you and your hot body. Starting to take your shirt off by bringing it up and over your head. Revealing that body that inspires this Sensual GFE Heat to put on such a show for you. This is the body I and going to tease until it breaks and begs.

My hands slide up your chest until they reach your big strong shoulders. Rubbing and caressing this perfect skin of yours. The light in your eyes ignites like a fire burning in your soul. We kiss deeply and passionately because we know exactly where the other one is going to move. Your tongue moves exactly the way that drives me wild. My hands slide down lower now to feel more of you. I spread my fingers again and feel your rock hard cock against them. You can’t hide how badly you want me. I tell you to take your pants off slow for me while I watch. Seeing your big dick spring from your pants gets both of us breathing hard.

Continue to tease with those same two fingers now but lightly touching the head of your cock.

You begin to drip with anticipation, and I gloss you over until you moan. Belonging to one man forever that I can share every Fetish Phone Sex fantasy I have with is a dream. Becoming entirely possessed by your lover has me feeling taken. Feeling taken as if swept away by a warm wind of adventure because of the way you are with me. A man of delight who enjoys his woman for who she truly is, therefore loving authentically.

Reaching the goal of bliss has seemed unobtainable because of having doubt that even existed. Finding love in the strangest places happens when you stay in possibility. Finding truth in your eyes ignites a fire in us both, I think. Seeing what I desire in you, and for you, finally being seen for the man you are. Loving someone for who they truly are is the greatest gift one can give, I believe. Hoping that the real me is enough and no matter how opinionated I am sometimes, that you will see the woman with an eternal flame of passion in front of you.

I will always be hot for you, baby.