Adventurous sex leaves you breathless but wanting more.

That night felt as if I had been whisked away for some adventurous sex fun at the carnival. I met up with this wild girl who took me to a quaint little bar downtown. It was an old speakeasy behind a sandwich shop that only seated a dozen people or so, but it had a lot of charm. My date was so sexy, standing at the bar drinking an old fashioned and looking irresistible. Short blonde finger waves and a slender frame confirmed that she would be my target for the night.

She and I had a blast and ended up going back to my place later that night. We barely made it through the door before we started tearing each other’s clothes off. She had the sweetest tasting pussy that had ever graced my tongue, and the sex was extraordinary. Despite the pleasant evening, I was surprised to hear from her only two days later. I received an invitation from her to the Burlesque Circus that would be in town overnight. How could I resist such an offer?

A risque rendezvous.

Both of us dressed up for our evening out, and we shared a lipstick-smearing kiss at the car before getting in. Her lips tasted like honey, and I wanted more. I teased her relentlessly as she drove until she couldn’t resist any longer. She pulled into a darkly lit neighborhood where I sucked the juices from her adventurous sex-loving pussy. With her syrupy taste lingering on my lips, we continued to the circus. Finding seating wasn’t an issue since some of the performers noticed our gaudy dresses and asked us to participate in the show. We danced seductively in a ring of fire with massive twin pythons. It was so exciting, and neither of us could have expected such a fun twist to the evening.

Dancing sensually in front of a crowd turned us on.

 Remembering that night makes me think of how delicious it is to tease a guy with adventurous sex. During GFE phone sex with me, you can enjoy every intricate facet of your sexuality. I could lay you down on your couch after getting worked up from watching some dirty porn together. Your sexy body drives me wild as I crawl on top of you.

The thought of teasing and pleasing you makes my heart race. Taking my time as you squirm and ache, overflowing with desperation. One button at a time, unzipping slowly and watching the neediness written all over your face. You are going to cum harder than you ever have before, releasing that huge load on my soft, supple skin. I want to bathe in you tonight, so relax and indulge in my adventurous sex obsession.

I want to suck your perfect shaft, pushing myself until you hit the back of my throat. When I think you are getting too close, I will take you out of my mouth and rub my body against yours. When you plead for me to let you put it inside, I will instead continue to draw out our edge play phone sex by sliding your stiff cock up and down my wet little slit. My favorite part is when you can’t take it anymore, and you grab me, flipping me onto my back.

“Enough,” you tell me.

In one powerful movement, you take me into your arms and hold me tight as you own my perfect pussy. This sweet slut lives for those moments when I can tease you to your limit and then allow you to ravage me, releasing all of your pent up frustration. Our imaginations push us further than we have ever gone, allowing us to explore even our darkest desires.

Let us indulge in the secrets of true pleasure. Our tempo is hard and deep as you focus on my big green eyes and try not to cum in my tight, pink hole. It grips and milks your erection like it was made just for you. I am your cum collector, and I want your every drop to fill me.

Today, you are at worship. Your seed is an offering to my divine ecstasy.

You kneel between the pews of our imagined temple, positioned perfectly to worship my adventurous sex craving pussy. I will release my most wicked, carnal desires upon you as you lick and suck at my pink pearl. You have signed your soul over to this silken succubus, and it has never felt so good. Bury those lessons taught to you at Sunday school; you won’t need them where you are going.

Welcome to my Underworld. Here, your only purpose is to serve your demigoddess of delight. You will indulge in the torturous pleasure I deliver until you break.