A little bitch that deserved anal penetration

Last night I got so busy training this little bitch how to take a cock in his ass. It was his first time taking a cock. This moment needed to be something so I gave him some deep anal penetration. I grabbed the biggest strap on I could find.  After forcing him to open his mouth wide, I shoved my strap on inside his throat. I didn’t care that he was gagging and choking. Maybe it excited me to hear him choke. “Now be a good little bitch and get this cock nice and wet for your ass”. He had no other choice than to do as told.

Bend over baby

When I saw the strap on was dripping wet from his tongue sliding up and down on it his I knew it was ready for his tight little ass. So I made him bend over on the bed, he got on his hands and knees, his ass sticking out ready for me to dominate his ass with my strap on. I had just got buried inside his ass, and this little slut is already moaning. So I shoved the cock inside him deeper and left it there. While there was No movement or thrusting it was such a tease for him. I slapped my hand against his ass he jumps like it was unexpected so I made him count each slap “One Mistress… two Mistress..”

I spanked his ass until each cheek was red. Without warning I thrust the strap on into his ass the all the way, Giving him Deep anal Penetration.

He fucking loved it

He moans it hurts Its so big but I shoved my panties into his mouth to shut him up and fucked him harder, deeper I want that ass to hurt when I’m done I tell him. His cock gets harder and harder the deeper I thrust he likes it besides a little pain never really hurts anyone. I make him take my strap on like the little bitch that he is, I grab his cock and stroke him As I fuck his ass. I stroke hard and fast and I feel him twitching and then I see the load he blew all over my bed. Now loser boy loves deep anal penetration with my strap on. Next time I’ll ditch the strap on and have him exploring forced bi sex.

Kelsey (2160)

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