Dear Santa, Define Naughty.

Dear Santa, define naughty. That is the question every year. And every year, I try to blow the previous naughty list out of the water. And I do! So, you see, naughty is the thing to be if you want the BEST presents from the Big Guy. Are you thinking I blow my way into his good graces? Nah. That’s what basic girls might do. Maybe I spread my legs and give my sweet pussy away? Nope. Not that either! But, I won’t keep you guessing. I do it ALL! Ass, pussy, throat, hands, and feet.

So, I ask, Dear Santa, define naughty! I mean, what if MY nice… is actually every other girl’s naughty? Giggle. What if the things I do are what you CRAVE the most? Should I deny my lover what he truly needs to make him cum wildly? And what if I crave the taste of his cum? Wouldn’t that be punishing us BOTH? Oh, what a thing to do right before Christmas! But, Santa might be appalled if that’s how it went down. I have to make it so sensual leading into the big day!

Then, Dear Santa, Define Naughty.

So, I personally think when I ask, Dear Santa, define naughty, describes it as making you as happy as FUCK! Or, is that nice? But, it’s not just that. I know that showing you my tits in public is considered nice. It’s really nice! I see your face go from shocked to thrilled in a matter of seconds as you cum through my drive-through window to pick up your lunch, or dinner on your way home.

But, how would Santa define naughty? In addition, I make you happy all year long. Isn’t that the textbook definition of naughty and nice? LOL. Moreover, I’m on my knees worshipping at the altar of your kingliness; slurping and sucking, oh and the swallowing. So, that HAS to be nice. Right? I crawl all over that dick every time you let me. I’m like Jif peanut butter; spread ‘n ready. LOL. I love you plunging me in all my holes. Take my sloppy wet pussy. Or, is that considered me getting the naughty? LOL.

What do you think, Santa?

Furthermore, When I ask Dear Santa, define naughty, I’m sure he recalls me being all the nut-cracker you need! And, did I mention I give you the best phone sex? Oh, yeah! You can feel my tongue riding all over your dick and the skin behind your swollen balls! How I make you squirt a load of pre-cum all over my tits. And even allowing you to take my ass every time you need it. Leave me dripping wet with desire and then cum back for more any time you want.

But, if I need instruction to get on the Big Guy’s list, I really need some help. I know your body like my own, so, I think I know what to do. However, if it makes Santa feel better tell me… Have at it, Mr. Kringle. Haha. I have been working on my naughty ALL year. I’m sloppy wet and ready to give you all you need. So, CUM and give it to me! Plant your seed and claim me. I’m the naughtiest woman you’ll ever meet! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

So, Santa, define naughty. And, while you take a few minutes out of your lunch break, get hard with me. I’m waiting to make Santa as proud as punch!

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey

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