A nut-cracker can be many things to many men, but, my kind is the kind EVERY MAN loves!

Now, if you read last weeks blog, you’ll remember I met my baby at the door naked, but for a ribbon; and he had mercilessly ass fucked me.  All without giving me an orgasm. The final straw, however, was the next day when he had my Christmas present delivered…a Washer and Dryer! I called up his secretary, who has had the hots for me since we met at the company Christmas party; and plans were made for the next night.

He didn’t suspect a thing as I led him to the bedroom and he let me tie his wrists and ankles to each corner of the 4 poster bed. When I knew he was secure, I went over to my closet and opened the door revealing Sammy in all her glory.

Sammy’s a knockout for either sex, 6’1″ barefoot, and wearing thigh high 6″ stiletto heels; she was an imposing figure. At 5’8″ my face was level with her 44″DD tits; which I started lapping like a cat with a bowl of cream. Then, I grabbed her by the pussy and led her over to the bed where she straddled his face; keeping her cunt just out of reach of his mouth.
 I continued eating her pussy, as she begged me to fuck her. I slid 4 fingers into her pussy.  And, it was like throwing a switch! Sammy slammed her pussy back onto my mouth with an enthusiasm I had seldom seen during sex, male or female.
So, he got the present he NEVER wanted.  His BLUE BALLS and Me fucking that chick!  Think again before you buy, fellas!  Hahaha

You’ve still got time…


All NUTS Are Fair Game!