The Deadpool Sex scene keeps me CUMming back to that movie!  It’s also the reason I love Detailed Sex Stories, AND brought out my love of being On The Phone While Having Sex!  For some reason, the thought of hunting another down for their bad deeds visited upon you is HOT!  So, we can make it even HOTTER by reliving the sex scene from the movie.

There’s a rather grandiose sex montage in the movie, but it’s not as titillating as it is just funny and horrifying at times.  Then, make him a stranger too?  Oh, HELL YEAH! Now, we’ve got the makings of a PARTY!

But, the true story of it is the longing, the companionship, the ability to SEE deep within your partner and react to the need!  Like when my man needs to lose control of all things in his life.  Maybe he’ll seek the company of another; or, maybe he’ll get me fed up enough to bend him over and fuck the shit out of him!  Either way, that Deadpool Sex Scene drives me wild!

As you can see, Detailed Sex Stories are my specialty.  With Joey…you ask for it, you’ll GET it!  There’s nothing to Sensual, or Freaky, or Fucked up enough that I won’t get you off to it!  You want young, get it with me.  You want vicious, I’ve got you covered.  And if MEMORABLE is what you NEVER eXXXpected…hold onto your, ummmm. Giggle.

Whatever you DREAM of, you’re really cutting yourself SHORT by not talking to me!  I’m here 7-days-a-week to fulfil ALL of your kink and if you can conceive it, together, we’ll achieve it!  Throw away all of your pre-conceived notions and let’s go Deadpool with it.  You fuck me…THEN I get to FUCK YOU!


Deadpool Sex Scene