DDlg – Daddy Can’t Wait to Have His Good Little Girl

DDlg is a taboo age play, incest, role play fetish type fantasy. Daddy wrote this for me in his perspective. Thank you!

I woke up late this morning so I didn’t have time to play with my naughty lil London. I had to hurry to work so I wouldn’t be late. But I did get to kiss my precious baby and tell her to be a good girl. Of course, she said she would be with her sexy, devious grin.

Throughout the workday, I couldn’t keep my mind off of her. It didn’t help that she would send me cute lil texts saying that she wished I would hurry home because she missed me. But we all know what she really meant. As the day progressed her texts would become dirty. Even sending me a picture of her fresh out of the shower.

Nothing but a towel on.

Teasing me.

I was really going to give it to her when I got home. Right before it was time for me to go home I got another message from my lil girl. It said to drive home safe and that she loved Daddy with a picture of her in her black bra and thong lying on my bed. As you can guess, I left work with such a huge boner. Drove all the way home with it too. Aching for my lil London.

Of course, if she was a good girl like she told me she would be, her pussy would be longing for Daddy, however, if not, she would get a spanking.

I walked quickly into the house so excited to finally be home to London. I quickly walked up the stairs and opened my bedroom door to see her waiting for me.

‘Hi daddy, did you miss your good girl?’ she asked with such a cute little smile. Not even answering I got on top of her and kissed her deeply tasting her soft pink lips, smelling the sweet perfume that she wears. Her arms wrapped around my neck as we kissed I sucked on her tongue and gently bit her bottom lip. Mmm, this girl was all mine.

‘I did miss my good girl London. Are you ready to find out how much?’ I whispered as I unhooked her bra and traced my lips down her neck. Further down I took a nipple into my mouth.

‘Oh Daddy’ she moaned.

I grinned and gave it a little bite. I know London loves that. Sliding my hand down her sexy stomach I could feel how soaked her thong was. Reaching in I found her perfect little pussy and started rubbing her lips, sliding two fingers into her, feeling how tight she was. Mmm, I love my London’s tight little pussy. Kissing down her body I stopped fingering her so I could slowly peel the thong off her sexy body. I sat up and smiled, staring at my young sexy daughter.

Shes all mine. Such a good girl for Daddy and I could finally have her.

I hope you boys liked that DDlg fantasy Daddy wrote! I’d love to hear your perspective when we play together!

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