Daughter does Big Daddy Dick

My name is Dawn and by the time I was 19 years old. And I was, definitely, a nymphomaniac. I love sex of any kind. I’ll tease and then suck and fuck anyone. But I really like big cocks, best. This all started a few years before but I became fixated when this Daughter does Big Daddy Dick.

I had developed and was loving the way boys and even older men would look at me. I would see them sneak looks at me in my short dresses.

And then rub against their cocks. I started wearing shorter and shorter skirts, so they could really get excited. I started letting them touch me and I would touch their hard-little cocks. It was lots of fun.

One day, after school

As I walked to the back door, I saw my dad standing on the porch. He said “Hi” and he asked me what I had been doing out by the tree.

I said I didn’t know what he meant, trying to act as innocent as possible. He, then took his hand and placed around my waist, and hugged me and asked if I let boys hug me.

I said “yes.”

Daughter does Big Daddy Dick
Daughter does Big Daddy Dick

At this time, I felt my dad’s cock getting hard against my body. I thought to myself God, what was happening. Did I turn on my own father that much?

My dad pushed me away a little and then told me that I was too sexy to be letting boys touch me. Because it would drive them crazy to have such a sexy girl tease them. I smiled and asked

“Daddy, do you think I am sexy?”

He looked at the ground and I saw he had a huge “tent” in his pants. I was getting wet, too. He told me to go to the house and do my homework.

I did as he said, but as I left, I let my skirt hike up to just below my pussy. I saw him look and then secretly rub his cock. That’s when I knew then that he wanted me.

My mom had to go to a class she was taking and she made dinner for my dad and I and left for school. As my dad and I sat eating. I, purposely wore only a tee-skirt, with no bra and it hung down to just below my bare pussy. I saw my dad keep sneaking looks at me and I loved the attention he was giving me.

After we finished eating, I cleared the table, and “accidentally” brushed against his legs with my thighs. I saw his crotch grow, even bigger. His cock looked huge, and I didn’t want to stop teasing him until he was satisfied.

Daughter does Big Daddy Dick
Daughter does Big Daddy Dick

We went to the den to watch TV, and he said for me to pick out a movie for tonight. I choose a movie named “The Crush”.

I had seen it before and liked it. It was about a young, teen girl who had a crush on an older man and liked to tease him.

As we watched, I could see my dad getting excited as this young girl teased the older man and showed off her body to him.

I started to do the same thing to my dad,

as we watched. I could tell he was hard. And he kept glancing at my long legs, stretched out next to him.

As the screen showed the girl stripping so the man could see, her, I asked my dad if he thought the girl was sexy and he said: “I guess so.”

Then I asked him if she was sexier than I was. He nervously laughed and said he hadn’t noticed because I was his daughter.

And I said, “Then why do you get so hard when you look at me.”

Daughter does Big Daddy Dick
Daughter does Big Daddy Dick

As I said that I rested my hand on his huge, hard cock. He didn’t say a word. He started to push my hand away. But then left it and putting his arms around me we kissed. I returned the kiss and rubbed his cock through his pants. It felt so damn big!

He then touched my titties and I was so wet. I had touched his cock, he couldn’t resist. I unzipped his pants and said

“God it is the biggest I’ve ever seen, even in magazines.”

My dad pulled my hand away and brought my head towards it. It would barely fit in my mouth and I loved it. As I did this, he touched my wet pussy and put a finger in. I said that I liked it, but did he think his huge cock would fit. He said that with some practice, he was sure it would. So, we practiced, and practiced, and practiced until all 11’ were buried in my hot pussy.

From that time on, I could never get enough cock. The trouble is, that now I cannot resist large cocks. If I see one, I have to have it. So far, most the ones I have found as big as my dad’s, has been BBC.

Hmmmmmmm, thats another story… 

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Daughter does Big Daddy Dick
Daughter does Big Daddy Dick

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