Daddy’s Dirty Girl

I had desired my Daddy for a long time, craved to be Daddy’s Dirty Girl. So, watching a movie before bed was sometimes hard to concentrate on the screen. My Daddy had been drinking himself to sleep since my mom left. Glancing up I could see his chest rising and falling in a rhythmic pattern.

He was out cold from drinking again. Lying on his back with one leg raised and resting against the back of the couch. My eyes glanced to cock and noticed it bulging against his shorts.

“Daddy are you awake?” … no response.

Excitedly I tossed the blanket off of me and crawled over to the couch. I laughed at myself, “If Daddy could see me doing this he’d really go crazy!” I looked like a submissive kitten crawling up to him!

I gently shook him once more to be sure, “Daddy are you awake?”

Daddy’s Dirty Girl
Daddy’s Dirty Girl

His head turned in the same direction. My eyes immediately went to the bulge in his shorts as I bit my lip. “This is it,” I thought to myself.

Tentatively I slid my hand up his shorts lightly, letting it glide over his cock. Oddly it felt like it was moving just from the heat of my hand. I glanced up at his face … he was still out cold.

Slowly I moved my fingers up and unbuttoned his shorts slowly, thankful they were loose-fitting. Gripping the zipper I slowly pulled down until his boxer shorts were exposed.

My eyes widened as the outline of his cock greeted me.

Seeing it from my room was one thing, but this was entirely different. I reasoned his cock was at least 8″ long and thick!

Almost instinctively I licked my lips and my pussy began to moisten. I shifted myself onto my knees alongside of the couch as my breathing quickened.

Daddy’s Dirty Girl
Daddy’s Dirty Girl

Sliding my hand up to his cock once more I could feel the heat emanating from it, pulsating … almost as if it were alive. I stroked my hand back and forth along it lightly until it was completely hard, noticing a small wet spot forming on his boxers.

Pulling myself closer I lifted the band of his boxers as the head of his cock sprung free, the head glistening with his precum. My mouth hung open slightly as I stared at the moistened head, the clear fluid collecting on his stomach.

Before I realized what I was doing.

I slid his boxers down slowly, my eyes fixated on his beautiful cock. Like a greedy little kitten, I leaned forward and inhaled his scent, my tongue slowly flicking out against the tight skin of his hard cock.

Feeling the heat against my tongue I moaned instinctively as my mouth began to water. Slowly I ran my tongue flatly up and down his cock before reaching the head. The taste of his precum enticed my tongue and soon my lips followed.

Daddy’s Dirty Girl
Daddy’s Dirty Girl

With a gentle grip I lifted his cock from his stomach and slid my hungry little mouth around the head of his cock, sucking softly and savoring his taste.

I froze as a soft moan escaped his lips, praying he wasn’t waking up. I glanced up, the head of his cock still in my eager mouth, to find him still sound asleep.

Satisfied he was still asleep,

I slowly began sucking on the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around the head, wanting more of his precum. My fingers began stroking his cock slowly and I realized the more I stroked him, the more precum flowed.

Gradually I began sliding more of his hard cock into my mouth, my grip on it tightening just a little more. I couldn’t believe how delicious he tasted and I knew at that point I was hooked on my Daddy’s cock.

Daddy’s Dirty Girl
Daddy’s Dirty Girl

My pussy was soaked as I continued sucking on his cock in a slow, rhythmic pattern, my saliva glistening off of the tight skin. I readjusted my position as I leaned forward on my knees and spread them completely.

Allowing the fingers of my other hand to slip inside of my shorts and stroke my own little pussy. I moaned lightly on his cock as my fingers danced over and inside of my pussy.

 I slid more of his cock into my mouth.

My hand and mouth worked in sync as they glided over his cock effortlessly.

I began hearing him moan more frequently and I glanced up when I felt his hips rising slowly. I slid his cock from my mouth and gazed up at him while I continued stroking him, my fingers still gliding in and out of my wet pussy.

Instinctively I could tell he was going to cum soon as his cock began to swell and pulsate in my hand. As I continued to stroke him my lips went back to his cock, stretching over the head.

While I slid as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I could hear his whimpers begin as his hips rose up and down slowly.

And then felt his cock swell and erupt inside of my mouth.

Stream after stream of cum poured from his cock into my mouth as I struggled to swallow him.

My own orgasm rocking me as my pussy sucked and gripped my fingers eagerly. His moans burned in my ears as my pussy juices flooded my fingers and his cum flowed across my tongue and down my throat.

Daddy’s Dirty Girl
Daddy’s Dirty Girl

I sucked on his cock continuously, almost lovingly, wanting more of his cum in me as the last remnants of our orgasm began to subside and his cock began to soften in my mouth.

Sliding my fingers from my pussy I let his cock slip from my lips as I kissed the head gently, still savoring the taste of his cum in my mouth. Glancing up at him I was amazed he was still sound asleep.

But was happy that he was. I reached down and slid his boxers back up and fastened his shorts once more, patting his cock lightly.

As I stood up above him I could feel the wetness on the inside of my thighs and smiled; I could smell my scent in the air. I grinned and decided to wake him before I went upstairs.

The mere thought that he would be able to smell my pussy gave me shivers. Leaning against the couch I gently shook his shoulder, “Daddy wake up.”

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Daddy’s Dirty Girl
Daddy’s Dirty Girl

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