Date Ditching Ex: My Ex Had A Date But My Nudes Made Him Come Over

Date ditching ex sounds like he would ditch me right? Well, I can assure you that this isn’t the case. No, instead he ditched his date for me. Which made me feel so powerful.

It was 7 PM and I was feeling really spicy and horny. So, I grabbed my phone and started texting my ex, Devin. He tells me that he is getting ready to go on a date which made me sad because I was horny. So, I kept texting him and trying to get him to come over.

He said that he was almost ready to go so I decided to just send him a hot pic of my tits. He took a moment to read the message but when he did he said “Isn’t that a bit spicy for text messages?” I laugh and tell him “So what? I wanted to show you what you’re missing out on.”

He sent me a picture of him looking like he disapproved but I then took all of my clothes off and then sent him a full body nude. Again he took a moment to look it over and then he said “Damn girl, you trying to get me to skip out on my date?” I text him back “Why yes, yes I am.”

He reads the text and leaves me on read… for about 5 minutes. Then he says “I’m coming over rn.” I excitedly dance and head to my living room to wait for him in the nude. Soon enough I see headlights pull up in my driveway.

I open the door completely naked and he says “Well, that’s hot as fuck.”

He grabs me and grabs my ass with both hands all while kicking my door closed. I jump up on him and wrap my legs around him, feeling his hard cock in his jeans. Then he takes me to my bed and tosses me on it. He then spreads my legs and goes straight to eating my pussy.

The feeling of his warm tongue on my wet little pussy felt amazing at that moment. It was like I was getting my pussy ate for the first time again. And I couldn’t get enough of him… then he stuck two fingers inside of me and made me cum fast as fuck.

Then he didn’t stop fingering me and made me fucking squirt all over the foot of my bed! I wasn’t expecting it and then he took his fingers out and made me suck them off. I shot up and pulled his shirt off and then started to take his jeans off. He then crawls up on top of me and kisses me deeply.

Slowly he pushes his hard cock deep into my pussy. I moan as he rams it in the rest of the way. And he starts thrusting hard into me… which makes me feel like a dirty little slut which I LOVE.

He flips me over and rams his cock back in. Then he leans back and spanks my ass making it super red as he stuffs his thick cock in my tiny pink pussy. I cum so hard that I almost pass out so he grabs me and squeezes my tits as he holds me up. And I feel his cock twitch and he shoots a huge fucking load deep inside of me.

It was some hot and sweaty sex so we both got up and get into my shower.

We wash each other off and kiss for a little bit. Soon we hear his phone ring and it’s his date he ditched. Apparently, he told her he might be late… well, he didn’t show up. But, she told him “I guess you didn’t really wanna come to see me then.”

He sighs and says “Sorry, but no. I decided to come to see my ex and hang out with her. Now if you don’t mind I am taking her to McDonald’s and we’re getting chicken nuggets. Sorry but bye.” I put my clothes on and we get into his car… I see my neighbor looking my way and I bet he was expecting some outdoor masturbation. Not today!

We spend the rest of the night eating nuggets and watching Game of Thrones all while cuddling on my couch.

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