Outdoor Masturbation – At Night I Go Out And Fuck Myself On My Porch

Outdoor masturbation is a risky situation. You never know who might see you and maybe they’ll call the authorities and have them talk to me. But, I have not been caught… yet! Let’s talk about my new hobby.

The first time I did outdoor masturbation I just got off of the phone with a guy and I was still SO turned on so I figured… it’s a nice night, not too hot, I can be adventurous. So, I go out onto my porch and sit in my chair.

I look around to make sure no one is there to watch me and spread my legs wide open. The breeze of the summer night hit my wet pussy and made me feel so free. I started to rub my pussy and finger myself. It was just what I needed!

Masturbating outside… me! Who would have thought?! Well, I quickly came and ran back inside. It was exhilarating and I couldn’t wait to go do it again. And I knew I wouldn’t hold off for long.

A few days pass and I am feeling frisky again. So, this time I grab my dildo and favorite clit vibrator. I head outside and could hear my neighbors grilling just over the fence. But, that didn’t stop me from outdoor masturbation!

I start up my vibrator and put it onto my clit.

Feeling the slight suction from the vibrator and the vibes I just started to get soaking wet. I pull my tits out from under my t-shirt and pinch my nipples. Oh, this was gonna be a good one. I start to writhe in the chair and could feel myself about to cum.

My pussy pulses and I cum. I let out a little gasp and quiet moan. And I noticed my neighbors went quiet. But, it was totally fine, they must have gone inside.

I then take my dildo and slide it right inside of my pussy. It was so fucking slippery that my dildo almost slipped out a few times. And it was all from me being so turned on. Oh boy, I quickly cum and squirt onto my porch.

I come back inside and go shower and then get to sleep. The next day I look out my kitchen window to see my neighbor, a man, peeking over my fence a little. And I was very confused but went on about my day. It was far too hot to go outside so I stayed in until the evening.

Walking outside it still felt hot but wasn’t as bad as the sun beating down

I walk over to my mailbox and check what had come in. Then I hear a door close… it’s my neighbor and he’s coming to check his mail as well. I just keep filing through my mail and discarding the junk mail.

“Well, hey there, Bailey. Nice to see you,” my neighbor says. I look up and see him smiling the biggest smile I have seen in a while. But, I politely say, “Hey Bill, nice to see you too!” He just keeps staring at me and beaming as if he knew something.

Then he walks up on his driveway that is close to my house and whispers something to me that I never imagined someone to whisper to me. “I saw you last night… it was so hot.” I almost drop my mail and say “What do you mean, Bill?”

He winks and says “Oh, you know… I saw what you were doing on your porch through the crack in the fence.” I blush and think to myself about what to say next. It didn’t really bother me knowing that he saw me in fact… it kind of turns me on.

I whisper to him “Well… I’ll be out more often and making sure to face your house.” He blushes and winks again and walks back inside. Bill is just an older man with a wife he can’t stand so I decided to go outside completely nude at about 9 PM and give him a show.

I face my chair towards his house and see an eye peeking through the fence. And I give him the best outdoor masturbation show ever.

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