Food Crushing Fetish – Let Me Squish Spaghetti Between My Toes For You

Food crushing fetish sounds kind of hard but it’s really just me sloshing my feet around in some food for you. Yes, even over the phone I can do it for you. And you can listen to every moment as if it were ASMR style. And you can imagine yourself just slurping the food off of my toes.

I pick up the phone and set up the call just like normal. Then the guy calls me back and says “I have a very… peculiar and rather odd fetish.”  I tell him there is nothing to worry about because I will not laugh UNLESS he wants me to.

He sighs and tells me his deep little secret. “I have a… food crushing fetish. And many girls think it’s funny and weird and like to laugh at me. But, I just love listening to a girl moan and step into some food for me.”

Smiling, I tell him “Look, there is nothing to be embarrassed about here. You just like something like that and there is nothing wrong with exploring your sexual interests like that.” He says “Thank you, Bailey. I really appreciate it.”

Then I ask him what he would like for me to do. So, he tells me to go to my kitchen and take out the ingredients for some spaghetti. And I obey his request and boil the pasta for 11 minutes as we talk about random things about me. Then I take out the sauce and strain the pasta, put the sauce in the noodles, and plate it.

I ask, “Are you ready for your fantasy to come true?”

He tells me “Yes. Please, Miss Bailey. Let me listen as you tease me and play with me and then step in the spaghetti for me.” So, I start talking naughty to him. “Oh, this pasta is so hot… I better let it cool a little so I don’t burn my little toesies.”

He starts to groan and moan for me. “Ooo, let me taste some of the spaghetti first to make sure it’s tasty enough for you,” I say, in a sexy voice. “Oh, Bailey. Yes. Taste the pasta, baby,” he tells me.

Then I take a fork and twirl a few noodles onto my fork. I blow on it and then stick it in my mouth, slurping up any noodle that was out of my mouth. “Mmm, it tastes so good. The garlic and basil taste amazing and I bet would taste so good coming off of my toes.”

He moans louder and says “Oh, princess. Take a seat and step into the spaghetti. Let me hear it squish.” So, I sit down and place the plate in front of me on the floor.

I slowly start to stick one foot in, putting the phone next to my feet so he can hear every squishing and the wet sound of the pasta. Then I hear him moan again and he pants “Oh, please, princess let me imagine eating it from your beautiful foot.”

He then jerks off faster and says “I start kissing your beautiful calf and working my way down to your foot. Then I kiss every toe, tasting the sauce. I stick your big toe in my mouth and slurp off the pasta and sauce.” His groans and moans get quicker.

“Let me stick all of your toes in my mouth, princess.”

I tell him “Yes, please do. Taste my toes!” I moan as he tells me he’s putting his mouth around all 5 of my toes and slurping the pasta and sauce off. His breath sounds faster and he’s breathing harder… he’s almost there.

“I then lick the bottom of your foot from bottom to top and… and… Oh my GOD!” He moans loudly and says “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” It made him cum… really hard too! And he then tells me how much he appreciates me and says he will be calling me again soon.

I hobble to my bathroom to wash off my feet. What an odd fetish, but, definitely one I will think about forever, I am sure!

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