He is everywhere I am, and yet, I never seem to cross paths with him. Every time I see him, my little pussy tingles. Of course, I have no idea he is bringing a dashing vampire twist my way.

In our giant city, there are so many people. You often run into a person and then don’t see them again. Unless they are in your life somehow. I have never met this guy, but I keep seeing him.

Oddly, he isn’t in any of my classes. My boss doesn’t know him. And, I am not seeing him at any of the kinky parties I attend. Yet, he continues to appear throughout my days.

Currently, I don’t realize he is going to surprise me with a dashing vampire twist.

All I know right now is he is stunningly gorgeous. His eyes seem to mesmerize me when I stare into them. And his teeth are perfectly white and aligned. His clothes are stylish as well.

Additionally, he doesn’t look as if he is an average guy. He seems so together and smooth. Honestly, I don’t know how to put it into words. I know; I melt when our eyes meet.

Of course, he is planning and preparing me. He is following me around for the dashing vampire twist. When he is connecting and letting me see him, he is starting the process of making me his.

All I know is I love looking at him.

Truthfully, I could look at him forever and not get tired of it. Anyway, I have to get to work. My boss gets snippy if I am late. Luckily it is a short day at my kinky gig.

Damn, I am glad my day is done. It is so foggy out. And, I don’t remember anything like this in the forecast. Then, I see him standing beside me. Out of nowhere, there he is.

I finally got to meet him in person, and he is so much better like this. It is time for my dashing vampire twist. Looking into my eyes, I am completely hypnotized.

Suddenly, this beautiful man is taking me to another place.

I am waking up in a beautiful home in the forest. Of course, he is sitting there patiently waiting for me to wake. I am wearing a beautiful old dressing gown and lying in an antique bed.

Smiling, he introduces himself. His name is Demetri, and he has the most intense eyes I have ever seen. Slowly, he comes to sit beside me on the bed. Then, he explains that he is a vampire, and I am now one too.

Welcome to my dashing vampire twist. It turns out I resemble his long-gone love, and he wants me for his new love. Of course, I think he’s crazy, but then, he shows me his fangs.

Fuck, this is one hell of a dashing vampire twist!

Then, he moves closer and starts kissing me. Not just any kiss either. A passionate, earth-shattering kiss. I am feeling this insane hunger throughout my body.

He starts explaining; I need to feed. All of a sudden, a female servant comes in and sits on the bed. He shows me how to bite into her wrist and feed. I do as he shows me.

She leaves, and I am reeling from this dashing vampire twist. However, now we are going to make love. My entire body is feeling like I have been power-charged with an entire energy station.

As he is touching me, it feels like nothing before.

We make love that is rough and loving—tearing each other’s clothes off and ripping at flesh. Biting and kissing. Soon, I climb on his big hard cock and slide down.

OH, MY, GOD, that is unbelievable! This is going to be amazing! Then, I cum like never before!

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