Waking up in my beautiful new bed is always such a wonderful feeling. Seeing Demetri next to me makes my tight, forever young pussy tingle. This evening his friends were coming for a sexy vampire pack fun surprise.

Additionally, I get to have him again and again for the rest of my life, which is never-ending. Now that he has given me this gift, I am a vampire as well. I will never grow old.

I expected all of his super hot and handsome friends to show up today at the mansion, but not the sexy fun they were planning to have. In reality, they are a part of his clan. They all go back for centuries.

The sexy vampire pack fun is coming my way.

Unlike all the movies I have been watching, Demetri loves sharing with his clan. Apparently, it turns him on to watch his bride with the other members of his brood. More things I don’t know yet.

But, I will this afternoon when they arrive. It is still very early. I love rising before the sun. It is my time to feed. No, we are not vicious killers that go after innocent victims.

I go to the breakfast room, focusing on the task at hand, unaware of the sexy vampire pack fun coming. Our staff knows to be waiting at this early hour for me.

We pay them extraordinarily well and feed gently.

Demetri has become a gentleman vampire over the years so that he can co-exist with humans and create the wealthy life he desires. Of course, being immortal, he has a lot of years of wealth.

Okay, he has more wealth than almost all humans combined. To say I will live like a queen for the rest of my life is an understatement. My kinky sexual desires will be met in every way now!

I want to look my best for his friends. Of course, I am still unaware of the sexy vampire pack fun, so I head up to have my maids help me get ready. When our guests arrive, I will look like a goddess.

When Demetri wakes, he is overtaken by how beautiful I look.

Although we are craving each other, I tell him it isn’t the time. We get too wild in our lovemaking, and I don’t want to mess up my dress or make-up. He is, as always, the perfect gentleman.

Soon, we hear his friends arriving. As they come into the house, they are calling for their old friend. It is an emotional reunion, and I love seeing how close they all are.

Then, Demetri brings me in and introduces me to them. Soon I will get my sexy vampire pack fun. All of their mouths are open as they stare at my beauty. They are respectful as we first meet.

They would get to play during the sexy vampire pack fun.

We all sit and get to know each other. They tell me amazing stories from their past. I love hearing their escapades with Demetri over the centuries. It makes me smile.

Soon, the night is upon us, and Demetri whispers in my ear that he has a surprise. He says he knows how kinky I am and that he would love to share me with his beautiful and sexy pack.

Here it is, the sexy vampire pack fun. At first, I am shocked, and then I am delighted. The guys take my hand and bring me to the center of the room.

They start undressing me as I keep eye contact with Demetri.

We are both so aroused as they start ravishing me. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Not only do they play with me, but they also play with each other.

As Demetri and I keep eye contact, he stands, starts undressing, and moves to join us! Want to know our back story? Check out the dashing vampire twist sex story!

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