My cousin and  I had been very close our whole lives but as we reached maturity our bond grew stronger. Like most normal teenagers we felt the urge to experiment. I trusted her and she trusted me and there was no one closer to us than each other. We talked about boys all the time  and we would also talk about what it would be like to be with a girl .We both confessed that we found some girls to be sexy .

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I always loved tits ,all sizes and shapes.. Cathy liked tight little ass on a girl . Cathy would talk about how nice it would be to squeeze a girls soft but firm little ass ,and maybe kiss it, and lick it .I on the other hand would confess that  perky little tits were my favorite to  suck and lick all over . Cathy and I would  masturbate in the same bed since we were really young.  As we got older we decided even though we were cousins that we would experiment with each other. We checked out sex sites and watched some lesbian porn and were more than prepared to go for it. We promised to never tell any of our family and friends and have managed to still keep it a secret from all of them.
We asked our parents if we could have a sleepover one night. It was pretty common for us to do this and our parents allowed us to. We stayed at Cathy’s house that night. Once everyone was asleep we undressed and began to touch each other. We got in the 69 position with me on top. I pressed my face down between her legs and began to lick. The taste of her pussy juices in my mouth was odd but soothing at the same time. She slid her tongue in between my lips and licked my clit forecefully. Her warm tongue touching me sent shivers through my spine.
The pleasure was amazing and even though we knew it was  wrong we both knew we wanted more. I slid a finger into her and pressed it in and out of her wet pussy as I sucked on her clitoris. She began to moan quietly as he legs quivered on either side of my head.
She followed my lead and inserted one of her dainty fingers into my pussy. The feeling of her tongue grazing my clit as she felt inside of me was amazing. We continued fingering and sucking on each other heightening every once of the pleasure.
My pussy began to pulsate as I quickly reached orgasm. I felt my hot juices trickling out of my sacred place and they fell like raindrops on her face. She silently laid there until my orgasm was finished. I panted  as I thought about how amazing that felt. It was my first orgasm and I was extremely impressed by it.
I crawled off of her and pushed her farther onto the twin sized bed spreading her legs wide apart. I licked up and down her pussy swirling my tongue heavily around her clitorous. I licked down to her vaginal opening and pushed my tongue in and out of her hole. She placed her legs on my shoulders as I continued to lick her and finger her deeper. I could feel her pussy become more wet as she began to moan more frequently. Her pussy tightened around my fingers and she let out a tiny Yelp. I knew she was finally cumming and knowing it made me feel excited.
We talked to each other about how amazing it felt and did it a few more times as we grew older.  We are still very close but have ceased to pleasure each other physically anymore now that we are adults. I’d have to say though that I have grown up to be MUCH more naughty woman = ) But I never forget my incest experiences. Why don’t you give me a call and I can fill you in on my many incest experiences ?

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