I volunteered one summer at a hospital and was a candy striper. Helping others has always been a passion of mine so I figured this was the best way to do it. I saw a lot of people come and go that summer, but I’ll always remember this one guy who came in for second degree burns since he was a firefighter. He was the hottest guy I’ve seen all summer and I was assigned to bring him his lunch and dinner while he was in the hospital.

After the first day, we totally hit it off and started flirting with each other and by the next night, I make sure to wear my best pushup bra and let my boobs pop up from under my candy striper outfit. He took notice and couldn’t take his eyes off of them. When I brought him his soup, he mentioned how he arm that was covered with burns was hurting so he couldn’t feed himself and I’d need to help him. I grew excited and tried to make feeding him as sensual as possible by taking my time and wiping his mouth every chance I got. When I was almost done, he purposely grabbed my boob and told me how hot I looked, and how he desperately wanted to feel them.

I couldn’t deny a man in pain so I grabbed his burn-free hand and placed them inside my shirt while I hiked up my skirt and started to finger myself and he massaged them. I moaned in pleasure and saw his dick rise up from beneath the blanket. He told me he wanted to do all the work for me and was soon under my skirt touching my now wet pussy with me. As I fondled my clit, he place one finger in me and then added two more and started to rigorously finger fuck me. I was overcome with pleasure and immediately came.
I knew I couldn’t risk fucking him since the doors weren’t locked, so I just slid my hand under the blanket and began to stroke his rock hard dick. I kept at it for a while, while he continued to fondle my pussy until we both came together. After it was done, he thanked me and said he forgot all about his pain.

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