I was such a horny girl last night. I’m a bit ashamed of myself. Some girlfriends and I decided to go to a new club that opened up the week before. We spotted a few friends of ours and went over and they had some guys we’d never met with them.

One of the guys I’d never met was really good looking and he was looking me up down. He asked me if I’d like to dance and of course I said yes. We walked to the dance floor and started to move and gyrate and he pressed against my back and ass grinding against me, I could feel a raging erection. His hands slithered all over my body and he rubbed my breasts and nipples through my dress. I felt a bit self conscious out on the dance floor behaving that way, but the floor was so crowded and it was so dark other than flashes of light…I know I didn’t know this guy. I felt slutty, but was so horny, I just let him do what he wanted and enjoyed it.

No one seemed to be noticing, they were wrapped up in their own thing and the corner we were in was darker than the rest of the floor anyway. He slid his hands under my top and started rubbing my nipple as he leaned in and kissed me. We kissed deeply and passionately as the other dancers danced around us, but I only saw him, only felt him and his hands on my body which was now tingling with arousal. He looked around to see if anyone was watching us, and then assured they were not, he slid a hand up my thigh and up under my dress. We continued to sway to the music to avoid standing out too much and he started rubbing my pussy lips through he fabric of my panties and could already feel my moistness seeping through and hooked a finger in the leg hole and found my bare pussy underneath and started touching my clit and rubbing it in little circles.

I reached over and started to slide my hand into his pants and grabbed his cock and was rubbing it. His cock was out and no was even seeing it. He rubbed me and I stroked him and we didn’t say a word to each other, we just looked in each others eyes and rubbed each other until we came right there on the dance floor. He dragged me behind one of the support pillars and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him and he started fucking me right there with everyone around us. It was dark yes except for the flashing of lights, and I do think a few people saw us but he thrusted a few times and then we both came again and then returned to the table to our friends. We left together a few minutes later. One hot night we had.

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