What Kind of Role play Strikes your fancy? A little daddy daughter? Babysitter? Bratty step daughter that needs daddy’s cock shoved in her dirty mouth? Let me tell you one of my favorite role play scenarios. I love being Daddy’s spoiled brat I get everything I want while daddy lavishes me in gifts, credit cards and all the money I want. I practically have daddy wrapped around my pinky. All I have to is ask and when that doesn’t work I just beg in my sweet little baby voice and that’s how I get daddy’s attention. But later when mommy is sleeping daddy makes me pay off those debts with a little request of his own, and since I like being spoiled I do what daddy wants. I can’t resist attention and being pampered daddy knows that so he doesn’t even have to beg.

Daddy pulls me aside after dinner and tells me he has left something for me in my room something he wants me to wear while I’m paying off my debt. I go shower and clean up, I wanna look good for daddy when he comes in my room tonight. I get to my room open the bag that daddy has hidden under my bed it’s a new thong. I put it on and daddy made it clear to only be wearing this thong and nothing else. So I sat on the bed and got a little bored waiting on daddy so I grabbed my phone and took some pics of my cute little ass in my new thong and sent them to daddy. I took a few sexy shots and sent them then slipped under the covers and waited for daddy to come in my room not long after I hear my door open and in comes daddy he takes his clothes off and pulls back my covers I’m only wearing the thong he gave me. He takes my hand and picks me up off the bed and spins me around to see me in my thong.

He threw me face down onto my bed pulled my thongs to side got on his knees and licked my pussy all the way to my ass I felt his hand squeezing my ass as his tongue rolled back and fourth. The further daddy’s tongue went inside me the wetter I got. I know to keep my moans soft cause mommy is just down the hall. Daddy stands up and slides his cock inside me fucking me from behind hard and deep making me wet making the moans hard to keep silent. Daddy’s cock feels so good. Age play fantasies, daddy daughter fantasies all with no limits. I wanna hear all about your favorite role plays. Cum play with a bratty teen girl.

Kinky Kelsey