With the holidays upon us, my daddy dom and I are feeling naughty and festive. It is time for Daddy’s sexy submissive elf to come out to play. I love bowing down to his will. We are a good match for each other. And, we are also having fun trying new things. Hal is expanding his dom skills. Of course, that is getting this pussy even wetter. He is such a wonderful man and an even better daddy dom. Hal is the owner of a book store. A very popular book store that most of the college students in our town use often.

That is how I became Daddy’s sexy submissive elf.

Buying books for my classes. Then, we start talking and soon, we realize we have a common interest. Hal and I start experimenting together and soon, we are in love with BDSM. We have been adventuring in so many different directions. Me on my own as well. Also, us together. Including, our recent long submissive weekend trip. I got to see a side of Hal I didn’t know existed. It is inspiring me to be Daddy’s sexy submissive elf. I am ready to bow down to his will and do as he wishes. Just thinking about the fun we are going to have tonight is getting my kitty all tingly.

We are playing in our dungeon with some holiday fun

It is just Hal and me tonight. Often, Hal hosts events with other doms and subs but for this holiday fun, it is just us. My entire body is feeling the excitement for tonight. As I arrive, I hear him already down in the dungeon waiting for me. Therefore, I immediately strip down to my birthday suit. Walking down the stairs as Daddy’s sexy submissive elf. The minute Hal sees me, his dick is rising in his pants. That makes me very happy. Of course, it is always my goal to please Daddy dom. He tells me to get on my knees and crawl to him.

Daddy’s sexy submissive elf does as she is told.

I crawl across the room on my hands and knees to him. Then, he grabs my hair, pulls my head back, and tells me to take his cock out of his pants. Obediently, I quickly do as I am instructed. Hal is fully engorged and ready for my warm wet mouth. Additionally, I wrap my hand on his shaft and take the head of his rod between my lips. Of course, I am sucking the way he loves. He is moaning loudly as Daddy’s sexy submissive elf is sucking his dick. Then, he pulls my hair back and kisses me passionately. Suddenly, he asks if I have been a good girl.

Of course, I have to tell the truth.

So, I do. And the truth is no, I was a bad girl earlier today and ate my roommate’s pussy, Daddy dom. He tells me he has to punish me. He drags me by my hair across to his big chair. This is the chair where he is going to paddle me. He sits down and then pulls me up onto his lap. He has a wooden paddle ready and starts swatting my bare ass. Daddy’s sexy submissive elf loves this part and my pussy is getting dripping wet for my dom. Our night is just getting started and we are going to have so much fun! Curious to know all we do down in the dungeon? Or, maybe you want to be my Daddy too?! Call me for the best phone sex!