Hal and I have an amazing bond. He is my first dominant and is forever my favorite Daddy. He is a great dom and is taking me on a long submissive weekend away.

We are going to the beach for some much-needed vacation time. All we have to do is hang out and relax. Well, eat, drink, and play with each other. Of course, I will be bowing down like a good sub.

He has us staying at a pretty special hotel. The suites are huge and extremely private. I guess they cater to guests that like privacy for reasons similar to what Hal and I love.

So, our long submissive weekend will be a success staying there.

They have an option to request rooms with “equipment” for the BDSM play if you wish. And, Hal went ahead and checked yes. That way, we don’t have to travel on the plane with our stuff.

As I said, Hal is my first dominant. He is a wonderful man. However, he is a bit gentle compared to many doms. There are times the other kinky dominant fulfills all for me.

I love when he is putting me over his lap. Now, during our long submissive weekend, I will spend plenty of time in that position. That is when Hal is great at making my pussy wet and ready.

He gets me wet using his hands, a whip, or a paddle!

I always love whatever he is using to punish me. To be honest, he is getting a bit tougher as time goes on. Since we started letting others come into the dungeon.

More than anything, I believe him seeing me reacting to their rough treatment made a light bulb go off for Hal. From those experiences, he has been adjusting during our time.

This long submissive weekend will be so much fun. Just the two of us together. It has been a while. He has been busy or we have had events at the dungeon with others around.

Now, it is just us on a long submissive weekend, exploring our fun.

Once we are in our room, Hal is telling me to drop to my knees and suck his cock. Of course, I obey him. I undo his pants and pull out his cock as it is growing hard.

I like this aggressive version of Hal! As I am sucking his dick, he wraps his fingers in my hair and forces his cock down my throat until I am choking. Tears are streaming down my cheeks.

He cums hard in no time. Starting our long submissive weekend with a bang! After he cums, he commands me to get up, change into my swimsuit and meet him in the lobby.

Oh, my, I love this version of Hal!

Finally, Hal is becoming a strong, forceful dominant and I love it! I go to get my swimsuit and put it on. When I come out of the bathroom, Hal is gone.

Again, I do as I am told and meet him in the lobby. We go to the beach and enjoy our afternoon. As we are laying on the beach, he leans in and tells me, “Just wait until tonight’s fun!”

This is going to be an amazing long submissive weekend! Curious to find out all the dirty details of our vacation? Call me for some fetish phone sex!