Daddy’s Little Princess

I’m daddy’s little Princess, plain and simple. The love we have shared together has been prevalent since birth. He has watched me fall and has picked me up with his strong arms every single time. As a little girl growing up, I remember dreaming about the day that he would take notice of my beauty.

I remember the day it all started to happen, I was sixteen. He was 40. I was wearing my school uniform when he picked me up outside the auditorium. I sat in the back seat with my legs wide open, secretly hoping that he would notice the frilly pink panties I had bought in secret. His eyes made their way to the rearview mirror; I could tell he was afraid of getting caught. But he stared, from my wet pussy to my large tits. I moved my hands towards my pink panties and was making my way to touch it when my mother called.

This routine continued for months, each time we got closer to touching one another. The night I graduated was the night things got…fun! I was wearing the short black dress that daddy had just bought for my graduation pictures. He had surprised me in front of my mother with it. I could tell when he winked at me, that it was important for me to look my best. My boyfriend at the time had no idea what was going on, and I intended to keep it that way. This was going to be my dirty little secret.

I looked in the mirror, my long legs looked so sexy in that short black dress.

It was cut into a V-neck in order to show off my huge tits. I curled my long brown hair and made sure to put on my bright red lipstick. I looked through my panty drawer fully intending on finding a thong. But found the same pink frilly panties I had wore that first time for daddy. The ones I wore the first time to attract his gaze to my little pink slit.

“Mila, Erik and I are going to go ahead and go to the school to save some seats for everyone. Your dad will be bringing you up as soon as you are ready!” My mom was grabbing for her keys as she rushed my boyfriend and my siblings outside the house to get to the school.

Two minutes after my mom left, I heard a knock at my door. My heart jumped, I hoped it was daddy. I wanted to make him proud when he saw how sexy I looked in that dress he bought for me. I walked slowly to the door, hoping to make him want me more, the longer I took. Then I grabbed the old wooden knob and turned it over. He was leaning on the doorframe to my bedroom.

“Mila…. You look…Yummy”

I smiled a sneaky smile, without talking I sat down on my bed and spread my legs open like that first day. He looked down, he was thirsty and wanted a taste of his little princess. I worked for my hands slowly up my toned thighs, his body moving closer and closer with each move my hands made. I knew what he wanted. He reached my body and smiled.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted this,” My daddy said as he bent down on his knees, his face was in front of my tits. I nodded my head, and he started licking. He ripped the top of my dress down to expose my perfectly large tits and hard nipples. He began licking and biting, I loved the way my dad knew how to work my body. The need to be with my daddy grew as he worked his way down to my tight wet and pink slit. That was the beginning of the most perfect father and daughter bonding relationship.

Want the details of what happened next? Call me, so I can tell you how dirty daddy’s little princess was.

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