Daddy’s Little Princess Grows Up – Part 2

As soon as I told my daddy that I was sure about what we were about to do, he pulled me down and started to kiss me again.  It didn’t even take a little warm-up, our kiss started off just as hot as our last one left off.  I was straddling his waist, my young, wet pussy pressed up against his cock; I couldn’t help but move on to him.  He was so hard and felt amazing rubbing up and down my bikini-clad folds.  His hands were rubbing up and down my back, before I knew what was happening; he pulled the string that tied my top together.  It loosened instantly, only hanging from my neck.  His hands moved to the front of my body and gently became full of my plump breasts.  My nipples instantly beaded up under his hands as they gently squeezed and massaged my perky globes.

I couldn’t stand it much longer; my body seemed to be on fire.  My moaning in his mouth intensified.  Finally, he broke the kiss and moved me off of his lap.  He told me to lie down on the lounge chair.  I did as I was told and before I could even get situated, daddy had slipped his fingers into the top of my bikini bottoms and was dragging them down my smooth, tanned legs.  Once he had them off, he gently spread my knees, exposing my moist folds.

Leaning down into my forbidden passage, his tongue extended and licked clear from my tight hole all the way up to my sensitive nub.  He clamped his mouth down on my love button and began sucking and flicking his tongue over the tip of it.  I was going wild underneath him, bucking up into his face.  My fingers became intertwined in his soft hair, pressing him tighter into me.  I had no idea that this could feel so good!  None of the boys I had been with had EVER made orgasm with their mouths.  Yet here I was, about to fill my daddy’s mouth with my precious juices.

As I climaxed, my thighs involuntarily closed around his head, my hands tightening in his hair while my sweet nectar flowed from my love box straight into his mouth, even dribbling down his chin.  Once he had consumed as much as possible, he moved up my body and began kissing me yet again.  The taste of myself on his lips and tongue made me even more turned on.  It was a sweet, yet tangy taste that was more enjoyable than I had imagined.  He pulled back and began to stand.  Before he could get completely off of the lounge, I grabbed onto his shorts to stop him.

I leaned forward, pulling his swim trunks down, and exposed one of the largest cocks I had ever seen.  I could tell he was big when I was sitting on his lap, but I didn’t expect this!  He must have been at least 8 inches and so big around that when I wrapped my fingers around it, my thumb and middle finger could barely touch.  I was a little intimidated by his size, worrying that it was going to hurt.  He must have noticed my hesitation because he said, “Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll go slow.  You know I’d never hurt you.”  I smiled up at him and replied, “Ok, I know Daddy.”

I stroked him for just a little bit, admiring his size and the smoothness of his skin.  He didn’t let me play with it long.  He laid me back down, put my legs up on his chest, and positioned his hard member right at my tight entrance.  Then he pressed in a little and I could feel my skin tightening around him.  He pulled back out and pressed back in again, gaining a little more depth.  This went on for a few minutes; he was doing what he promised to not hurt me.  He was stretching me like crazy!  It hurt a little, nothing like I had feared, and finally, he was fully seated inside of me.

He stilled for a moment as we both adjusted, me to be stretched and him to having my tight walls squeezing his cock.  Once we both got used to it, he began thrusting in and out of me.  I could not believe how full he was making me feel.  His dick was reaching and touching places inside of me that nothing ever had, and I loved it!!  I was trying to take in all of these sensations running through my body when it hit me full-on.  My love tunnel began to tighten around him, my body tensing.  He must have been very close too because as I felt my pussy begin to spasm around him, I felt him grow harder inside of me.

I started to squirt like never before, covering the chair in my juices as he pumped my young snatch full of his seed.  He gently laid down beside me, slipping his cock from me and I could feel the mixture of both our releases oozing from my stretched hole.  He gently moved my hair from my face with his finger, smiled, and said, “I love you, baby girl.  That was amazing!”  I gave him a huge grin in return and said, “I love you too Daddy!  I think we’ll be taking care of each other a lot more from now on.”  We have been “taking care” of each other ever since.  Mom still has no idea, but hey…she’s never home anyway!!  Want to hear more of my naughty adventures with my daddy?  Give me a call, I’m ALWAYS happy to share!!

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