Daddy’s Little Princess Grows Up

It was the day after I finished high school when my life changed dramatically.  I don’t mean the whole “Welcome to the real world” crap either.  I’m going to share this naughty secret with you. But first, here is a little background…When I was younger, my mom used to travel a lot for work.  My graduation was no different.  She had made it home to see it but was gone the next day for two weeks.  Needless to say, I spent most of my youth with my dad at home.  He was great, the best dad a girl could ask for.  I’ve always been my daddy’s little princess so, I was, and still am, a little spoiled.  All my friends loved him.  They all had crushes on him and I knew why.

He was a ruggedly handsome older man.  He had laugh lines on his eyes adding character to his face, a touch of grey in his hair, and a little facial hair. So he didn’t keep it long, but more of a scruffy, shadowy look.  It was HOT!!  I think it made him look younger and added a little bit of a bad boy look to him.  He dressed in most of the newer fashions and OMG he always smelled AMAZING!!!!  My friends would always stay the night at my house on the weekends.

They talked a lot about what he would look like naked and were always joking about fucking him.  They were all too chicken to try, so I usually silenced all their stupid talking.  I mean, he is my dad after all, what was I supposed to say? “Yeah, he’s hot, I’d fuck him.”

They would have thought I was crazy!

The day after graduation, mom left, yet again, and my dad and I decided to celebrate for the weekend and not do ANY chores HAHA.  It was really hot that day so daddy suggested we go swimming in our pool.  It had just been cleaned and the water was perfect.  I went upstairs and changed into the new bikini that my mom brought me as a present from her last trip.  After changing, I raced down, jumped straight into the pool, and swam for a minute, soaking my hair, and letting my body cool down in the perfect water.

It was when I got up and laid down next to my dad on the lounge chair that I noticed something was off.  He seemed super stiff like he was uncomfortable with something.  After some coaxing, he said that he couldn’t believe how grown up I had become.  I got up and gave him a hug and told him that I would always be his little girl.  I was still dripping wet from my jump in the pool but he didn’t seem to mind.  He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down on to his lap.  His cock was rock hard under my young, plump cheeks.  Wow, I had obviously misunderstood what type of “grown-up” he meant because this was NOT what I was expecting.

I started to say something about it but daddy gently turned my face toward his and gave me a kiss.

It started off as a soft peck on my lips but it grew into something I could have only dreamed of.  His tongue moving with mine, so passionately, was enough to get my juices flowing.  I’ve always thought my dad was hot, but I never imagined this would happen.  When he finally broke our kiss, slowly moving his face from mine, he looked into my eyes and smiled.  It was a sweet, tender smile and the look that he had in his eyes was that of a man in love.

I know my daddy loves me, but this…..this was different.  He moved his hand from my cheek down my shoulder and started to caress my arm.  As he did, my eyes drifted closed and I let out a soft sigh of appreciation.  I kept them closed for a few minutes, just enjoying the sensation of his fingers gently caressing my soft skin.  When I opened my eyes, he must have seen the pleasure in them, because he moved his hand up under my hair to the back of my neck and gently pulled me down for another kiss.

This kiss was different than the last one.  It started off sweet and slow as before but soon became very intense.  The hungry passion of our kiss sent heat through my body that all seemed to be moving right to my sweet little pussy.  I was turned on in a way that I had never been before.  I wasn’t innocent, I had been with a couple of guys, but none of them had made me feel this way.  Daddy started to move his hands up and down my body like he just couldn’t get enough of me.

I needed him in a way that I had never imagined needing my daddy.

I moved from sitting across his lap to straddling his body, my warm, wet center pressed right up against his throbbing erection.  As I began to grind my hips on him, he broke our kiss.  He took my face gently in his hands and made me look into his eyes.  “Are you sure you want to do this baby girl?” he asked.  I looked right into his gorgeous, love-filled eyes, and giving him a seductive smile, I replied, “Yes Daddy, I do.”  Part two will be here before you know it!  But if you can’t wait for my next blog to be posted…give me a call.  Telling you all of the intimate details in my sexy voice will have you as hard as I am wet just recalling it all!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke