I’ve always been daddy’s little girl, especially when mommy away.  I am the one who takes care of ALL Daddy’s needs. So, when Mommy went out of town to visit her sister, I knew I would have to step in to take care of my daddy.  Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim had just had their 2nd child in one year and they were overwhelmed. Mommy complained but she knew her sister needed her and she agreed to go there to help out.   My other siblings couldn’t wait to pack their bags to go play with the new baby and have mom all to themselves. But not this daddy’s girl.  My plan was to stay behind and do all the things that mommy will not be able to be while Mommy was away.    

I got up extra early in the mornings to make sure daddy was on time for work.   He awoke to coffee, breakfast, and the morning paper. While he showered and got dressed for work I made sure that his clothes were ironed and organized on the bed, just like mom always did.  From his suit down to his underwear, everything was there for him to get started with the day. I would kiss daddy on his way out the door and tell him to see you tonight.  

Daddy’s says he is going out tonight! 

So of course, now that mom has gone out of town,  Daddy’s friends of his couldn’t wait to get him out for a naughty night of drinking at the strip club.  I have to admit it was hot watching daddy get dressed up and all ready to go out. The guys arrived at the house to pick daddy up and they looked good and smelled even better.  Daddy kissed me on the forehead and told me not to wait up. It was late daddy came home. He went out and seemed to have the time of his life, coming home super drunk and apparently in a great mood. 

 He was so noisy, I could hear him singing in his drunken voice and stumbling through the house.   I listen as he stumbled and fumbled up the stair and finally into the bedroom.  I was asleep in my parents’ bed waiting for him to get home.   Hearing him struggling with his clothes, then finally he slid his naked body under the covers. I laid still as he turned his naked body toward me called mom’s name.  His hands sliding over my hips, while his lips kissed and licked my the back of my neck. I did not dare stop him. I knew what he needed and what he needed was me.

Daddy’s little girl takes care of her daddy!

I didn’t even try to stop him as Daddy dived under the covers and began to roll me over on my tummy.   Daddy grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled them apart and began to lick my pussy and asshole like wit was Sunday dinner.  He pleasured me with his tongue until my body shook with orgasms. Daddy was hard and ready to fuck, I could tell by the way he was coming up through the covers.  He flipped me over from my tummy to on my back, finally pulling the covers back and seeing it was me, daddy’s little girl. Confused and struggling with what to do about what was happening,  his cock remained hard I knew he needed me. Grabbing Daddy’s stiff dick and I rubbed him against my wet pussy and said: “Fuck me, Daddy!” 

Pulling my legs apart, throwing them over his shoulders, then entering my wet pussy.  He was so big, stretching Daddy’s hot cock pumped in and out of me until he exploded. Daddy/Daughter time was well spent while mom was gone.  I took care pf all daddy’s needs just like mommy would, in fact even better.  So, when mommy would call to check in on us. I just told her not to worry I was taking good care of Daddy.

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Daddy's little girl