I Was A Daddy’s Girl

My mom was always a workaholic. I swear the only reason she remarried after divorcing my father was so I’d have someone to look after me. And I liked my stepdad a lot, he was fun and handsome and he tolerated her absences well. I grew to be a real daddy’s girl. Since my own father lived cross country and I never saw him. She was always on some business trip or another and more often than not he was looking after me. As I grew into my teens, I noticed him looking at me differently. He didn’t get to spend much time with her since she was never around. So I figured he was lonely. I noticed him sporting an erection more than a few times when he was in my company. And I started to think he was getting the hots for me.

He Wanted Me And I Knew It

I wanted to turn this to my advantage .I was obviously a Daddy’s Girl and one time when we were out shopping. I saw this dress in the store window I wanted and it was really expensive. But I asked him to get it for me and he said it cost too much. I asked with a smirk if there was anything I could do to persuade him to get me the dress. And he smiled and said it would cost me a hand job. I’d like to say I was surprised, but I really wasn’t. So I said fine, get me the dress and I will go home and model it for you. And give you a hand job, and that’s exactly what I did.

I Modeled The Sexy Dress For Him

I thought he was going to jizz in his pants he was so excited when I sat beside him on the sofa and reached over and got his cock out and started to rub it. He came in around two minutes he was so turned on. A few weeks later he said he’d gotten me a little something, but he’d like to touch my breasts in return for being so nice to me, so I let him touch my tits and I then asked what he got me and he’d gotten me a nice pair of sexy heels to go with the dress. This was working out nicely.I was a shameless Lil Daddy’s Girl

I Love To Make Him So Hard

dana daddy's Girl

I’d been at the mall with some girlfriends and got a sexy matching bra and panty set and came home and said I’d gotten something I thought he’d like and was wearing it, he looked me up and down and said he didn’t see anything new, so I said well, it’s not visible. He smiled and pulled me over and started to remove my clothes and then said ahh, yes, I see your sexy new underwear

!And  I giggled and he slapped my ass playfully. I pushed him back on the couch and removed the bra and took out his cock. And then laid it between my tits and gripped them tight around his shaft and started to move them up and down his cock giving him a nice tit fuck and he blew his load all over my teen titties. I then licked the cum off my own boobs in front of him, being a good little daddy’s girl.

Sexy LiL Dana

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