I bet you would love to know why I love being daddys favorite little girl, wouldn’t you?

Aside from me being daddys favorite little girl, I date his son. We met a while back and do just about everything together. We have been together for so long that I have started staying nights at his house. Its a very nice three story modern house with a lot of rooms which is why I probably did what I did.

While up in the middle of the night a year prior to getting something to snack on I ran into my boyfriend’s dad. We were the only ones up while his wife and my boyfriend slept in their beds. We talked about school and life-in-general. He complimented me constantly about how happy he was his son had a gorgeous girl like me. And how pretty my skin is, how silky my hair is and more. While I sat in the kitchen bar stool he walked up behind me a started to show me pictures of us when we vacationed. He had so many of me in my swimsuit, they were all so focused in on.

After about 15 minutes of conversation, he invites me into his office to watch a movie since we both were up and couldn’t sleep.

I picked out one of my favorite horror movies and sat next to him on his extremely comfortable microfiber couch. He wore a t-shirt and pajama bottoms with a midnight blue terry cloth robe on. I had on one of his son’s big t-shirts with a sports bra and lace boy shorts.

I felt his eyes on me as I sat down next to him. Few minutes into the movie I realized how close I was sitting to him now. I felt his breath on my neck as a result giving me goosebumps. Within 5 minutes my lace boy shorts were soaked. I put my hand on his thigh just to see what he would do. This mf slide down then in a swift motion slide me onto his lap.

OMG! His cock wasn’t long, maybe 7 inches but man was it super thick. Yes, on my way to being his daddys favorite little girl now! I ran my hands over his thick print and he started to pant harder and harder. My hand goes from his cock to my shirt that I slowly start to lift up. As he sits and stares at me squeezing my tits together, all the while I’m gently grinding on his shaft. I pop my tits out of my bra and after licking my nipples I yank off the shirt and bra at the same time.

He stopped me!

He started telling me how he didn’t want to cheat on his sweet wife. In the same breath that he wants to make me daddys favorite little girl. Thing is he told me while his hand on my wet boy shorts. In short, I told him that it’s not cheating and just fun and that I am just taking care of him just I like I take care of his son. While I slide his pants down he starts telling me how he watches us. He watches me give his son oral, and when we have sex. He explains how it drives him crazy when he watches us dive into our toy loving fun. I’ve done some hot strap-on play with his son before.

I stop and climb my way back up on his lap. His thick cock just sits there unable to bend. I rub my soaked shorts on his massive head while shoving his mouth into my big, perky tits. Without notice, he drives the head on his cock into me while I still have my boy shorts on. Lace has always been one of my favorite materials. A few strokes later he had torn through them and was giving me his thick cock effortlessly as his breaths matched it. He started to whisper to me to turn around and ride his cock backward, which I did. As I look up after turning around I see his wife there in the doorway.

The only words out of her mouth were, “has daddys favorite little girl cum yet”?

I barely was audible as I asked, “I’m daddys favorite girl”. I start panting daddy as he rams his cock in and out of me while she kneels down and starts to lick my little kitty. She also pushes a vibration u-curved toy into her husband while she gave me the attention I was surprised to get. He came not long after the toy came into play. She licked me clean and sent me back to back. The only thing she said was now you’re daddys favorite girl.

daddys favorite little girl

My boyfriend doesn’t know and I don’t care. Sexual sneaky advances are common with both his daddy and mother and as long as I’m with him I’ll forever be daddys favorite girl that plays with mommy too. I like my dirty little secret! It’s what turns me on while I have hot phone sex with my boyfriend. Sometimes the wife loves to call me and have me go over have her husband loves my cunt while she gets off from it.