It is amazing getting to spend time with Daddy learning all these amazing new skills. He is teaching me how to do some grown-up stuff. As Daddy’s favorite girl, I get more time with him.

There is something so naughty about being his girl and doing bad things with him. The things I am doing with him make my tight teen pussy so wet. Of course, I am barely legal, so I have to learn sometime.

We have been doing this for a long time. He is so patient and kind to me. He says it is important to wait until everyone else is asleep for our playtime. All I know is he makes me happy.

And, as Daddy’s favorite girl, when I make his penis squirt, I make him happy!

My daddy is strong and handsome. He and mommy love being frisky together too. I love watching them when they fool around. Of course, they don’t know I am spying on them.

Daddy does things with Mommy he hasn’t done yet with me. And, that is probably because I am not fully developed like her. She has big boobs for his dick to slide in between.

Of course, being Daddy’s favorite girl, I know he will show me those things in time. We have all the time in the world for me to learn those things. He is teaching me slowly, so I am good at it all.

It is important to me to be good for him.

I love seeing him happy when I do new things successfully. For instance, learning how to suck his cock has been so much fun. He is showing me how to be seductive.

Making sure I know just how to hold his penis, how to stroke it, and then how to use my mouth. I find it quite exhilarating to learn all the ways to do it. Of course, as Daddy’s favorite girl, I want me to be the best.

One of the best things we did was fucking. Oh, my, gosh, what a thrill. Squeezing his big dick into my tiny pussy was absolutely incredible. I am learning there are lots of ways to cum.

He loves watching me masturbate for him too.

It is fun using my fingers or toys he brings me. Honestly, I love masturbating in any way he asks me. Of course, Daddy strokes his big cock as I play with my pretty pussy.

I love finger banging when I am online working and doing calls. My callers love my Ageplay Phone Sex and all the fun we have. They love hearing me call them Daddy too.

It turns out I am good at being Daddy’s favorite girl for others too. Additionally, even though you aren’t my dad, it can feel as real as if it is. Our roleplay will leave you satiated and all cummed out.

Is that one of your fantasies? Have you been looking for a hot young girl to be your girl? If so, here I am! Call me to play!

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