My daddy’s crossdressing fetish..

A crossdressing fetish was not something I thought I’d see in my daddy. I am and have always been a daddy’s girl. When I was very young my Mom worked hard all the time and Daddy stayed home and cared for me. My Mom, who was a very strong woman, called Daddy her house husband. Daddy would say that Mom was a force to be reckoned with! I just thought it was normal. It was for me anyhow. Just as I thought that the things that Daddy liked to do when Mom was out of the house were normal too. I did not understand why he said it was our own little secret and Mom could never know.

He was an artist and had a studio behind our house. Mom did not like going out there. It was his space just like her office was hers. They respected each other’s privacy. What she did not know, and I did was that Daddy had special stuff out there. I remember I was about 4 when I first found him there playing with it. One afternoon, I woke from my nap and went looking for him. I sleepily walked in and saw him standing in front of the long mirror. He was dressed in a long beautiful dress and heels. His long, gorgeous wig was curled and his makeup although bold was amazing. My dad had a crossdressing fetish, but at the time I just thought he liked playing dress-up. “Wow, daddy, is that you?” I said with my childlike innocence. “You look beautiful.” He scooped me up and as I touched his face.

He had tears in his eyes.

“Princess, what are you doing out of bed? Now you know Daddy’s little secret, so you’re going to have to keep it and never tell anyone. Okay, sweety?” I swore and promised to do just as he said because I loved him so much and he said it would hurt everyone if I told. So, I did not. As time went by, we loved our mornings after Mom left, we would go out and play dress up. We would have tea parties and laugh. Daddy taught me how to match my accessories and put on makeup. It was the best fun. I hated going to school because that meant I never had time to play with Dad.
However, we would still go on shopping excursions where we would laugh and enjoy with each other. Picking out clothing and makeup. The women would just think he was a sweet dad taking care of his daughter. We both knew that was true, but it was so much more.

When I was about 16, I stayed home from school.

I was not feeling very well. In the afternoon, I wandered out to Dad’s studio. I walked in to find a beautiful woman out there with him. “Oh my God, look at you, my dear! Your daddy told me how much you have grown but I can’t believe my eyes!” I was quickly confused, taking a few steps back from her. “Wait, I am sorry do I know you?” I asked, still smiling at her. She was so flamboyant. “I am Nadia, darling, we met once when you were little, but I was not my beautiful self then. I was dressed as a man I introduced myself as Bobby.” The more she spoke, the more things started to make sense. As time passed by, I realized that my dad’s crossdressing fetish was really his way of life. “I think I remember that. You were here delivering some stuff to Dad. Wow, you look great as a woman Ms. Nadia.”

She was beaming over being recognized. “Thank you, sweetheart, but not as good as your precious papa. Willow is a truly stunning heartbreaker!” I had never asked my Daddy if he had a different name when he dressed as a woman. I kind of liked it. “Dad, I think Willow suits you so much better than Jeffrey.. Just like dressing up looks so much more natural. When are you going to come out and let your light shine?” I truly wanted to see him happy and that is the only time he really shines.

When I was 18, he finally came out to my Mom.

But only after I caught him fucking Nadia! I walked into the studio one day when Dad did not know anyone was home. He and Nadia were laying there in the 69 position and sucking each other’s cocks! They were both dressed in beautiful lingerie and had their hair and makeup on. Even though they were a mess from an afternoon of fucking, they still looked beautiful to me. They were talking dirty, calling each other a cock sucking faggot and much more. Shocked as hell, we all let out a scream and I ran out. Dad and Nadia soon followed me and apologized. He was crying and begging my forgiveness. “Dad there is nothing to forgive. Please just tell Mom and start living the life you want to live..” I tried to reason with him, calming him down. “I am 18 now and I am moving out to go to college. You don’t have to live like this for me anymore. Clearly, you and Nadia wish to be together.”

Nadia was surprised at how welcoming I was of the idea. “That is what I have been telling her for years,” Nadia said with an arch of her eyebrow. My dad, newly named Willow, gave me a huge hug and kissed Nadia long and deep, right there in my Mom’s kitchen. That is when she walked in but that is a story for another time. If you’d like to hear a little more about my crossdressing daddy and the shemale phone sex I know those two had, you’ll have to ask!

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