I’m Daddy’s bad girl for sure

You have heard before I am a daddy’s girl. I can’t tell you enough how much I love being daddy’s bad girl. He bends me over his knee and as he spanks my ass calls me his bad girl. I deserve every one of those spanks. Daddy’s girl gets spankings? If you only knew how badly I teased him then you would understand. Honestly, I purposely tease him just so he will bend me over his lap. The first two sting a little but I don’t mind. Actually I love being punished by daddy. He’s so hot when he is mad and flustered. And now I know exactly what flusters daddy crazy the most. Since I am daddy’s girl and all he doesn’t exactly like me bringing home boys. It’s not my fault. Daddy had been neglecting me for weeks. What’s a girl to do?

I went on a date with a boy from school and when I came home daddy was mad. He was impatiently waiting all night for my return. Once I got into the door, daddy grabbed me. He asked if I was no longer daddy’s girl. “I will always be your girl.” But I wasn’t very convincing. Daddy ran his hand up my skirt and into my panties. I knew what he was checking for. He want reassurance I was still daddy’s girl. His finger slid inside me. I was wet but it wasn’t from being fucked. The truth is I never fucked that boy. We did fool around and do some stuff but I wasn’t telling daddy. He would took my title daddy’s girl away from me as punishment. It didn’t matter in the end because daddy believed otherwise.

Slutty Teen Gets Punished

Daddy accused me of being a slut and had me take off all my clothes. I did as told because I’m daddy’s girl. Once I was standing before him naked, he sniffed my body up and down. He was smelling for signs that I fucked that boy. Then daddy made me bend over and touch my toes. He was examining my tight teen pussy. After examining me, I had to lay on his lap. Daddy swears I am lying and then spanks my ass with his hand. It stings but I just bite my lip and bare it. Another slap across the ass. Again that one stings too but I remain still. Daddy slaps my ass again and accuses me of being daddy’s bad girl. Instead of arguing I confess to sins I haven’t done. Besides, I really was guilty of teasing daddy.

I knew that boy taking me out would make him jealous. My ass was red and I could feel the burn. When daddy was done he manhandled me to the bed. He made me confess everything I did with that boy while he fingered me. I lied and made up most of the story. The handjob and blowjob part was real. I got so wet with his fingers inside me. Because I got wet daddy accused me of being daddy’s bad girl again. This time daddy flipped me onto my stomach and fucked me. He forces his cock inside me. A couple of hard thrust and he is inside me. But I am not complaining. I like rough sex. His cock thrust inside me deeper. Now I am moaning and begging daddy to fuck me hard.

Cum inside me daddy!

In the end daddy gives it to me rough and I beg to feel him cum inside me. I can feel his dick squirting my walls. But just because he has filled me up doesn’t mean he is done. He keep thrusting hard and deep. Then when he goes to cum he pulls out and forces himself into my mouth. How deep does your daddy daughter fantasy go? I’m a sucker for a good incest roleplay. Taboo phone sex is my thing. Let me show you how I submit to daddy.