Daddy was trying to take things slow when he pushed his hand under my skirt. But after so long, I felt his thumb sneak its way up to me clit. Part 1

Daddy watched my face and my body to see how I would react. Obviously there are many ways I could take this new feeling. Fear, hesitation or relax and enjoy the small bursts of pleasure his thumb brought me. Only I was having all three feelings at once.

I stiffened and didn’t want to look at him. I felt…ashamed I liked it. However I was scared! “It’s okay princess, daddy is just trying to show you a different way to be feminine, you know the way a boy can’t be?.” He said. He pulled his hand away and sat up. “Look at me honey. Don’t be embarrassed. Did I hurt you?” He asked. I shook my head no. I finally faced him with burning cheeks.

He gave me his winning smile and tried to soothe me. “Why don’t we try this, I’ll show you a few things and if you want me to stop I will. I can promise you though that daddy won’t make you wear another dress if you enjoy it though…deal?”

I liked the sound of that! I guess I could go along with it. He was right he didn’t hurt me. I shook my head okay and followed his direction. Daddy asked me to lay back on the blanket and just relax. I felt him unbuttoning the top of my summer dress. He cupped one of my small breasts and licked at the nipple. It felt funny but in a good way. He kissed down my belly, once he got to my panties he tugged them down. I squeezed my eye’s shut too scared to look.

His warm mouth covered my entire pussy. My back arched and my legs snapped shut over his ears. Daddy pulled my legs apart and pushed his tongue harder against my clit. Working it with all he had. I begged him to stop because I felt like I was going to pee. He didn’t stop though, just kept licking. Soon I found I couldn’t hold it in, a cried out and felt this hot rush of pleasure melt over me. I moaned like a wanton whore. I gyrated my hips into his mouth crying out for more.

Daddy did wait long, he was on his knees in a flash with his throbbing cock ready to go. “Pull your legs back princess, I’m gonna make you a lady now.” With that he pushed his big cock into me and pressed his weight over my body so I couldn’t get away from the pain. “Shhhh, it’s okay Aly, it only hurts for a minute. I got you baby girl.”  I wasn’t screaming in pain. I was screaming from how good it felt to be filled up.

Now that I’m a professed daddies girl, I beg him for sex all the time!


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