Daddy would always buy me cute little dresses and try to get me to be the little girl he always wanted. Thing was I liked being a tom boy!

Daddy suggested one afternoon that we go for a nice picnic in my favorite spot on our property. It had a small creek I loved to fish in and tall trees for climbing. While he loved my adventurous side, he pined away at the idea of me dressing pretty and acting more feminine.

I always joked about how it was always going to be a fight to get me to be that charming little girl. I was who I was, and he had no idea how to get me to be that picture perfect little girl. I was his only child and mommy was long gone and remarried to someone else. So it was just daddy and I, it’s no wonder I was a tom boy!

I always loved when daddy suggested we do a picnic. I was getting a bit old to hang with him. I wanted to go out and chill with friends. He said since it was just us, we should always be close. So I packed our lunch and before we left he asked me to wear a new sun dress he bought just for today’s outing. I grumbled about wearing it, but I did it for just him.

I met him down stairs and he gushed over how pretty I looked. I looked like a young lady and that pleased him. I always liked making him smile so I didn’t complain or fuss too much. Once we got to our spot and laid out the blanket. I sat back while he dished out our lunch. We ate and made small talk until we were finished.

Daddy laid on his side next to me and fingered the bottom of my dress. Rubbing the material between his fingers. He told me how I took his breath away when he saw me wearing it. He smoothed his hand over my naked thigh and kept talking about how I made him happy. I thanked him but said I was only wearing it for him. He smiled and looked up at me and said that was all he wanted. For me to dress like this for him and only him. There were ways he could make me more feminine.

I didn’t really follow what he meant, until his hand went further up my dress. He cupped my pussy and rubbed his thumb over my my panties. He made little swirls over my clit while he spoke. He told me he knew just what would make me feel good and like a woman. I was scared but, what he was doing felt so good.  “Do you want daddy to make you feel like a lady Alyson?” He asked. I looked in his eyes wanting nothing more then to please him. “Yes daddy I do.”

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