Daddy tied me up!

Oh daddy…What did I do to make you so mad? Was it the short skirt I wore to school or because you found me sucking the neighbor boy’s rod? I know, I know… I am bad… but you still love your little girl right? Daddy, these ties are really tight and I can’t move. Why are my legs stretched open? What are you going to do to me? Come on, just let me go and we can play like normal. You know, when I jerk your cock while I sit my little rear on your lap. You like that don’t you? You taught me best. You are such a good father and you love your little girl’s blow jobs right? All the boys say Blake is the best and ask me my secret! Of course I don’t tell them that I learned from you! I promise I will never tell!

What are you going to do with that big toy? I don’t think that big thing is going to fit in my saucy spot! Oh please daddy, not that! Oh… Oh… oh I like that… yeah, that’s right… stretch that little hole out. You like how well I take this big dick right? I didn’t realize you could make it go so far into me. My pussy is just dripping now. Mmmm, please more daddy! More!

Daddy, why are you playing with my butt? I can’t free myself from these ties, they are too tight! Please my little butthole isn’t prepared for that! I can barely handle two fingers in there, come on daddy. Oh! It will not fit daddy, see! You’re going to make it fit? No! Ahh! Wow, it is really getting in there… mmm I am tingling deep inside now. I am going to rub my little pussy lips while you fuck that ass. Give me that big cock now. Fill me up… You know just how your little girl needs it.

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