I knew I was going to get spanked by Daddy if he ever caught me drinking. I found some tequila in the garage and wanted to have a good time while he was working late. So I figured he would never know and what’s the matter with a little fun? I had a few shots, put on some music, and started dancing around the house in my panties. I must have been blaring the music too loud because I did not hear daddy come in. Then I turned around only to find him staring at me and holding the bottle in the air. He did not look pleased.

“What do you think you’re doing young lady?!” he asked as he slammed the bottle down hard on the counter.

I knew then I was going to get spanked. I didn’t even have time to respond before he grabbed me, threw me over the side of the couch, and said I needed to be punished. He pulled down my panties, gave my ass a good long stare, and started spanking.

“This is what happens when you misbehave in this house!”

He kept smacking my butt hard and grabbing onto it afterward. I yelled out that I would never be bad like this again but he did not believe me. My pussy became real wet and he started rubbing it slowly. He had never touched my pussy before!

“You’re daddy’s dirty little girl, you always have been!”

I could not deny the truth of that statement or how much I enjoyed his rough fingers on my sweet spot. I tried to hold back but a little moan escaped my lips and I knew he was going to make me pay. He then spanked me again, very hard and I could hear him unbuckling his belt.

“Oh no daddy, what are you going to do?”

He sat down on the couch holding the belt in one hand as he bent me over his knee. He told me to put my ass in the air and then started spanking me with the belt. I could feel his cock growing in his pants as he grunted with each smack. Daddy must have gotten really excited because said he had to go and went into his bedroom. I could hear him moaning from the living room as I pulled up my panties over my nice red rear. I always love getting spanked.

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