Daddy has this friend that loves to come over all the time and see me! Every time he does though, he always brings me little surprises to play with! He always teaches me how to use them though before he leaves, that’s the best part!

Last week he brought me this thing he called an Anal Plug… I was super nervous about it the first time until he reminded me of my Daddy’s number one rule.

You Always Obey Your Elders…

Those were the words he whispered in my ear right before teaching me what it meant to use an Anal Plug. I was not expecting what he did next, it came as a total shock! Telling me I had to leave it in and be a good girl, was not something I intended to do.

I tremble at the thought of what he will bring me and teach me next. I know that good little girl are always supposed to obey their elders and do exactly what they are told. I love knowing that I’ve pleased older men so much!

Would you like to come try me, and see just how obedient I am? I would love to show you how experienced and well-trained I am in pleasing older men!

There is only one way to find to what degree I aim to please! I know you’re my dad’s friend, and this can be our dirty little secret! But I would love to play with you while he’s away tonight! You know you need me just as bad as I need and crave to tease you!

You and I both know you desire to have a hot young woman to tease and please you the way you’ve always wanted! So allow me to show you that I can give you everything that you’ve ever desired and then some!

Pick of your phone Sir, and come play with me! I’ve been waiting so long for this!!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke